I'm feeling kind of sluggish/tired today for no particular reason, so I'm just going to post some tantilizing pictures and stellar reviews.....then hit the couch with my pups and a movie...but which one?! hmmm...

For breakfast, I broke out my new Whole Foods Blueberry Mini Waffles (YUM!). I topped them with vanilla yogurt, PB and **the real star** frozen banana!
Oh baby, you have got to try this! The frozen banana was so refreshing!
JamFrakas before the gym, no doubt!
That's right! I jumped on the operation beautiful train today...
starting in the gym bathroom!
On the back...Yes, you are! :D Then I came home and fixed the best quesadilla I have ever sunk my teeth into with my new Alvarado St. Sprouted Wheat Tortilla! I topped off the sturdy tortilla with all natural shredded colby jack cheese, lentils and a bit of spaghetti sauce.
I also had some chopped carrots, red bell pepper and broccoli alongside! YUM!
Look at that crispy, gooey goodness... Yea...there are no words.
And I ended my perfect lunch with the last of my air-like ice cream (lol) and two doughy Holey Donut Holes! Oh yea, it was reallllly good! After washing dishes, writing some reviews (checking things off of my to do list), I had 2 Back to Nature Crispy Oatmeal Cookies with some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea. What an amazing combo! Have you ever had these cookies!? Crunchy and fantastic!
Oh and I need to do a review for this delight ...
MMM…soft, almost doughy, with a subtle orange flavor and sweet dried cranberries adding some textural goodness. Yet another great breakfast treat or accompaniment to tea. There was also a touch of spice or “zing” (probably from the orange peel) that lingers after each bite.
I am not a huge fan of orange flavored baked goods, but this one was not too bad! If you are an orange aficionado, then step right up because you will love it!Even more, gooey pockets of jam-like goodness makes this muffin top something special!

Tommorrow is Thursday, which is almost Friday! :D Then again, I work both of those days...but FOOD INC is going down friday afternoon and I'm pretty excited to check it out!


  1. love the donut and ice cream combo.. perfection :)

  2. That quesadilla looks awesome!! Nice and oozy ;)

  3. I just chopped up a banana and put it in the freezer about an hour ago, I LOVE frozen bananas! Your quesadilla looks heavenly, as does the fat free ice cream. I'm so glad you are enjoying the wonders of the ice cream maker, I don't know what I'd do without mine!

  4. GAH food porn central up in here! I love the idea of donut holes on ice cream... :)

  5. couldnt have said it better sister..i have the same exact plans set for my agenda tonight! the only thinking i intend on doing for the rest of the evening is which movie to watch!

    yayyy for operation beautiful!!!

    i LOOOVe your air like ice cream lol it looks soooo yummy. the donuts dont look so bad either!

  6. Delicious quesadilla! Your lentils always sound so good! Love your ice cream with holey donuts!
    <3 jess

  7. i adore your waffle breakkie. They are like mini appetizers :)
    I so agree - those cookies are too good! I had to stop buying them. haha

  8. Your eats look so yummy! I love your breakfast and that quesadilla. Ice cream AND holey donuts? perfection :D

  9. umm amazingness in a quesadilla is all I can say!

  10. wow...so many yummy things in one post. I love the mini waffle breakfast, and that quesadilla looks SO good!

  11. Oh I've seen that Avarado St bread and have wanted to try it! Your quesadilla looks great! Oh, and I love making muffins with little jam pockets! The one you tried sounds like a real winner!

    Didn't the notes just make you feel great?!

  12. quesadilla and mini waffles both look amazing! as do those cookies- I've never had them but love sugar cookie tea! hope you get a good night' sleep :D

  13. i just died reading/viewing this post...everything looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The quesadilla cheese porn, the mini waffles (i used to LOVE the eggo cinnamon toast minis when I was little haha) and that muffin, Ohhh ya!

  14. The way you were feeling yesterday is totally how I am feeling today. BLAH!! Man your eats look yum. Thats a lot of sweet stuff, I likey!! haha. Love back to nature cookies!!


  15. Whoa! This post is filled with... perfect food. I prefer Van's mini waffles though, but the 365 ones are good too. That quesadilla looks like heaven. Yay for yummy food!

  16. Okay, your blog is making my mouth water!!! You have some amazing food ideas on here, I will need to try the recipes. Yum. You have a new follower right here!

    Take care,


  17. my oh my! your brekkie creation with those mini waffles looks amazing!!!!


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