Breakfast Artist

I have decided that I LOVE breakfast! And the funniest part is that I also LOVE cereal, but I rarely eat cereal for breakfast.
Who Knows?!

It is just so easy to make a fun presentation. I toasted a Whole Wheat English Muffin and split a Laughing Cow Light Swiss triangle between the two halves. One half was topped with a layer of Cinnamon/Br. Sugar (thanks for the inspiration Meg!). The other half was dressed up with some All Natural Crunchy PB!

BOO YA! Playing with your food is half the fun!

Then this happened to the Cinn/Sug half! MMM! ...After getting ready, I made my way to Target...and left 2 or so hours later. Lol! You can't set me loose in a Super Target....it's not safe! ;) I stopped by Starbucks to grab a nonfat Cinnamon Dolce Latte, which made my shopping trip that much more enjoyable! And here is my reused picture....

Upon arriving home around 1:00, I was really glad that I picked up a Black Bean Amy's burrito for $1.97 at Target because it made for a DELICIOUS AND FILLING meal! I placed it atop a bed of Romaine...that was about a whole head of roamine....:)
I ate the whole plate! YUM!
I then got a little munchy while I was brainstorming posts for my new blog and had some seltzer/7UP with Cherries.
Be sure to leave comments on my new blog of what you want to see if you are reading that one as well! :D
My chocolate fix was fixed with a teeny sliver of my pie (alongside my festive cocktail fork)!
Okay, this may have pushed the chocolate level for today. Not like that is even possible, but this was literally like a candy bar...and I LOVED every minute of it! I am going back to Kroger tomorrow to see if there are anymore of these babies left for $.34. This Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp JamFrakas has gooey chocolate chunks dispersed throughout the chocolate batter. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Utterly amazing! Period.
Spinning was InTenSe tonight! Even better, my instructor is subbing for someone tommorrow....and I don't work. Then she does her regular spinning Thursday night and I work Thursday morning. Spinning Three Days in a Row?! I think so! :D
Upon returning home, I had another teeny sliver of my pie (and then my dad ate the rest, so the temptation is gone!) along with half of a banana. I also had a handful of refueling carbs...aka popcorn!
Tomorrow, I am getting a haircut! Probably nothing outrageous, but my hair grows FAST and it is becoming tooooo long for my liking!
There's not any giveaway or announcements tonight.....it kind of makes me sad.....haha!
Actually, on my drive home, I almost hit a deer that was crossing the street SLOWLY! From a distance, it looked like a great dane! We are surrounded by TREES where I live and I never really appreciated the beauty until I went away to school and returned...I was literally enamored by the ABUNDANCE of tall trees as I was driving..well everywhere! lol
Ch-Ch-Check it out! The Blog World never fails with Giveaways! ;)


  1. I need to start doing some unique breaskfasts, you've inspired me to be different (I'm an everyday cereal girl!) Looks yum.

  2. breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day for sure =) love your "art" !!

  3. I want to try those Jam frakas bars, they look awesome. I love breks too, I have breakfast foods for any meal!

  4. Ha - cute how you made an E on your English muffin. I LOVE the glass with the cherries too - so fun!

    Congrats on the new blog too!

  5. Ooh, I want to see the new haircut tomorrow! ;)

    And I had no idea the JamFrakas bars were made by Larabar. Innnteresting!

    Lastly, the pie looks so damn good. :P

  6. breakfast is hands down the greatest meal of the day so I'm glad you joined the band wagon! And wohoo for Target...I seriously cannot go in there and not stay for less than an hour. It's just too much fun! And I feel you on the love for Jamfrakas...so good!

    p.s. way to play with your food! thats the only way to do it :)

  7. I love cereal too...maybe too much lol. Hope you like your haircut. I am going next week.

  8. amy's burritos are SO good! Loving your breakfasts- they are so pretty! I usually eat cereal messes and they aren't photogenic- though taste amazing!

    You and Target...hmmm...is there a 'Target Anonymous' near you? :P

  9. What a steal on the Amy's burrito at Target!! Love those burritos!

    I've done the great dane thing with deer before! Glad you didn't hit it though ;)

  10. Ahh I LOVE finding foodie bargains at Target! It usually becomes the highlight of my day...haha how sad is that?!

    Anywho - I hope you enjoyed the breakfast combo with Laughing Cow and thanks for the shoutout! You're so awesome!

    I hope you enjoy your day and try to watch out for those great dane deer! Haha! That cracked me up.

    Happy Wednesday!


    p.s. that chocolate pie looks even more delicious each time you post it.

  11. What a pretty breakfast!

    That chocolate pie looks AMAZING.

  12. come be my breakfast chef please? all my breakfasts are super boring :( ahaha.

    ommmmmg that chocolate pie looks delightful. almost too good to eat. ALMOST :)

    also, i believe they should build houses inside of target. i would move in. you can join me :)

  13. Love the food art.


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