Happy Father's Day!

I hope every father had a great day and felt appreciated for all they do! Thanks dad! :D
Today was fairly uneventful in the food dept. (and work dept....it was soooo slow!) and I (for one reason or another) skipped on taking pictures of all of my food. However, I wouldn't leave you without your daily dose of Penny! ;)
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Apple Cinnamon Muffin Top
I am not going to lie, this baby did not make me want to scream "I LOVE YOU"! However, it can hold it's own!
Each 100 calorie muffin top is Big, Dense (yet fluffy) and moist, with a subtle flavor combination that reminds me of a spice cake.
I am not sure it I could tell you that this contained apples, if the package had not told me so.
It would be a perfect breakfast treat! Then again, when I can choose from Penny's Low Fat Desserts Carrot Raisin Muffin Top or White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie, I don't think the Apple Cinnamon Muffin Top would be the first on my "To-Be-Ordered" List. That's not to say it's not good! If you love a nice piece of spice cake or muffin with your breakfast in the morning or as an afternoon snack,
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Apple Cinnamon Muffin Top is JUST for YOU! Plus, by some miracle, they only contain 100 calories and no fat!
"See ya" tomorrow with some yummy eats....and whatever else the day may bring!


  1. Mmm...those muffins look delicious! Who would know that the nutritionals were so impressive???

    P.S. Hi, I'm Anna...I'm new to the blogworld! :-)

  2. shoooooot that muffin looks ridiculously good, i love coming to your blog and finding all new goodies that i just need to try!

  3. you're killin' me with all this penny's goodness.. looks incredible =)!

  4. Those Penny's goods look awesome! And they have such good nutrition stats

  5. they looks amazing- the white choc one sounds great!

    hope you (and your dad) enjoyed Father's Day!

  6. these look incredible! I have to try them nowwww! haha

  7. White chocolate cranberry cookie sounds amazing.

  8. I'm not much of a sweet person, but they do look good.

  9. I think I should get some of those to put in my parfaits ;)

  10. happy belated fathers day!!
    apple cinnamon muffin top sounds great!


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