Work Your Magic

First and foremost, Pilates this morning went well. However, I am glad that I planned to go to spinning afterwards because I didn’t feel like I got much of a workout…then again, I have heard that is typical of Pilates and that you will feel it after a few classes/days, so I’ll stick with it! Spinning was great too; but as I was leaving the gym, I realized that my upper left shoulder/neck HURT. I pulled SOMETHING up there and have been on a heating pad all day on the couch. My ear/sinus aches felt 90% better this morning, but now I am back to a low 70%....hopefully this ibuprofen will kick in soon!

Okay, that’s enough Debbie Downer for one day…Time for some Good Eats!

Breakfast before going to the gym consisted of 2 sets of 365 Blueberry Mini Waffles (half with PB and half with FF Vanilla Yogurt). I also had an orange, cherries & grapes (marinated in POM Juice overnight!).
I finally got to try the new Stonyfield Farm Organic Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt. It was so refreshing, creamy and spot on with the sweetness. While I could taste the Raspberry Lemonade essence, I think it could use to be a bit stronger.
Lunch was delicious! I sliced some pan seared seasoned chicken breasts and layed them atop a bed of lettuce and broccoli stem shreds (LOVE these!). Carrots and Red Bell Pepper finished off the colorful appearance!
I spritzed it all with this tasty stuff... (notice who's face is on the TV! haha)
After lunch, I hit the couch and had a lazy day of not feeling too great...

Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Bar :D
A little bit of Corn Chex while reading blogs!
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie
Overall, the chocolaty flavor is just perfect! Once again, this Big & DELICIOUS cookie was soft and dense. Ahh… I want another one right now!
The huge peanut butter chips add an amazing peanut butter kick that radiated through each bite, even when the cookie was mixed with all of that other jazz! Now that is some PB power!! There are also mini chocolate chips that provide a nice crunchy element.
MMMMM! That would be 1/2 a frozen nanner and FF Vanilla Yogurt....OH BUDDY! :)
I had a great dinner planned; but honestly, I just want to lay on the couch with my pups, watch Gilmore Girls and PRAY that I feel better! I have my Pre-Op for my eye surgery on Thursday and they won't look at me if I'm sick because they can't do surgery on a sick person! :/ Cereal it is...
Kashi's New "SnickerDoodle Cookie" Heart to Heart Cereal
I do have a sweet potato that I sliced and seasoned yesterday, so I think I’ll make some sweet potato fries later on and try to relish in their Vitamin C goodness…Or I might be more realistic, save the taters for tomorrow and call my mom and ask her to pick me up some FroYo on her way home....I think it has magical healing powers :D
Side Note: I usually take multiple pictures of each dish in case they don't look good when they are blown up on the computer screen. Well today, they all looked good on the camera screen and NONE of them looked good on the computer screen. I think I may need a new camera?!
There will be a massive Penny's Low Fat Desserts Post sometime in the near future...You won't want to miss it! ;)


  1. Those mini waffles are so cute :)

    Dark Mocha Almond Kashi bar??? How come I've never seen that?!

    Good eats!

  2. ahhh I loove all your fab food finds AND the fact that you combined them in such tasty ways. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for the snicker doodle flavored cereal! DANG that sounds awesome!!! Where'd u find that???

    Sometimes my camera spazzes out on me too! Give it another few days to re-cuperate before getting a new one! I Totally almost got myself a new one with the same issue. Good thing i waited cuz i saved money! My camera is fine now!

  3. fro-yo is totally a legitimate medicine! i'm so jealous of your eats today. plan my meals please? haha! hope you feel better very, very soon!

  4. your breakfast looks awesome!

    And I'm posting the pudding recipe tonight :)

  5. I hope you are better soon! That bowl of fruit looks amazing and so does that choc. pb cookie. Mmmmmmmm *drooling*.


  6. i've never thought about marinating fruit! what a smart/tasty idea! i hope whatever you end up eating has magical healing abilities, haha. gilmore girls is ALWAYS good for the soul. :)

    and i can't wait to see more desserts from you! they always look divine.

  7. I really need to test out these Penny's desserts! I think they would make a lovely addition to my parfaits ;)

    I'm still on the hunt for the mocha bar!

  8. Snickerdoodle cookie cereal? How have I not heard of this?!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. Yum yum!

    Well, I hope you didn't pull something serious. I've never pulled anything, I don't think, but I'm sure it's not pleasant.

    The raspberry lemonade yogurt sounds super! I haven't seen that flavor around here, where's the love?!

    Was that's Melissa from the Bachelor?

  10. Ooh sorry about your shoulder! I hope it feels better soon. Oooh I know about the pre-surgery sickness freakouts! The same thing happened with my rhinoplasty--if I was sick, they wouldn't do the surgery. My sister had a cold, so I was spraying lysol and taking airborne like a maniac!

    That cookie looks amazing, though! All of their desserts look fabulous.

  11. aw sorry to hear pilates didn't do it for ya this morning! I agree though sometimes i don't feel the burn right away but the next morning my core is screaming!!

    enjoy your night, love!

  12. Heeey, thanks for visiting me, Emily :). So sorry you are hurting all over the place! That is some beautiful breakfast you got there with all that fruit in the middle! I heard great things about those cute waffles. Do you shred your own broccoli stems? Dark mocha kashi bar? Haven’t seen that yummy flavor before! Cookie looks amazing too--man you’ve got some good eats going on there, girl! Froyo totally has healing powers, that’s what I try to tell everyone ;).
    The pictures look good to me!

  13. those cookies look SOOO decadent, oh my babies!
    And I'm looking for a new camera, too! Probably a Canon Powershot..

  14. hi dollface!

    ughh i'm sorry you are still feelin icky-- hope you get better ASAP!!

    LOVE your brekbrek-- how creative to marinate your fruit!!!

    girlllll you are ALWAYS the best at getting your hands on the newest products! cannot wait to try that kashi bar!!

    have a great night xoxoxo j

  15. I signed up for the newsletter-EVERYTHING LOOKS SO FREAKIN' DELICIOUS!

  16. hi loverbug!
    SO glad you had a nice workout this morning but Im so bummed to hear that you pulled something! Atleast you are taking care of yourself and just resting on the couch tonight!

    All of those eats look amazing and Penny's products look amazing! I'm getting mine sometime this week and CANNOT wait to try! WEEE

  17. Yay! I finally found someone else who does pilates.

  18. your killing me with that delicious kashi cereal. must buy/find now!!!
    as always I love your waffle breakfast!
    *gasps* hey its my blog :) haha


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