Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat

I feel like I am in a routine like that lately....However, I don't work again until Thursday, so I have some time to switch things up!

Yesterday's eats were much better! I also had a great night at work. However, when I got home at 10:30, my mom and I decided to play Sequence.....and I couldn't pass that up, so I had to hold off on blogging! So let's back track a bit......

Breakfast started off with a delightful fruit platter.
I then dug into my Stash of $.34 JamFrakas and ate a Banana Chocolate Blastocrisp before heading to the gym. WOWZERS. This tasted like a candy bar! I need to go get even MORE because you can't beat that price and I am loving these little bars!
After the hitting up the treadmill for a good 40 minutes and getting ready, I decided to try a new product for lunch......ENTER Ian's Fish Sticks.
I saw an episode of Unwrapped on the Food Network a few days ago and they were touring the Ian's Chicken Nugget factory. The man giving the tour explained that they only flash fry their products for about 1 minute and bake them the rest of the way. That way, you get the beloved crispiness that we all so desire, without enabling the prouct to absorb as much fat. Well, they have this down to a science because Ian's Fish Sticks are freaking fantabulous!
I baked 5 fish sticks and placed them atop a bed of romaine (which was spritzed with Honey Mustard Dressing). Alongside, I had......surprise, surprise........Carrots with Sonny&Joe's Hummus! :D What an amazing lunch!
That light pink drink accompaning my lunch is 5/6 seltzer & 1/6 Diet Cherry 7UP. That little drop of 7UP really adds FLAVOR! Refreshing!
These Fish Sticks have all of the crispiness that is desired without that greasy taste/feeling that you get with many fish sticks (or fried foods in general). I can't wait to try another one of Ian's Products!
I went to work at 5; so around 4, I had Two Bowls Of Honey Nut Mini Bites! Yum YUM!
By the time I got home at 10:30, I was hungry; but was also in the mood for a sweet treat (what else is new!?). Therefore, I poured myself a glass of chocolate milk.....
And yet another one of my phenomenal Emily's Desserts! Emily sure does know what she is doing with these Vegan Baked Goods! I mean, let's take a closer look at this Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie....
The edges had a slight crunch to them,
while the remainder of the cookie was DENSE and soft.
I literally took 15 pictures of this cookie trying to capture it's essence. It was so amazing that I was SAD TO SEE IT GO! Then again, Emily's cookies come in packs of two, so there is one more of these delicious beauties awaiting me in the freezer. You guys should really check out her website. Emily's Desserts are very reasonably priced and taste AWESOME!
I capped off the night with a baby bag of popcorn as my mom and I battled in Sequence!

I will do my recap of today later on......For now, I am headed to Jason's for lunch!

FroYo anyone?! I think so! ;)

Now go get in on Emily's Granola Action!


  1. Fro Yo gets my vote! (every single time :P )

    Glad you have some time off! I LOVE fishsticks- have you ever tried tartare sauce? It's kind of a mayo/relish hybrid thing and SO good with fishsticks...ah, girl, I know what I am going to be hunting down at the store this week (though no Ian's...booo)

    I have developed a slight obsessing with honey nut shredded wheat- are they the same as your cereal? Mine is the UK version but looks identical (or would, if you threw in some pumpkin and PB!)

  2. The fish sticks love very yummy, I used to love them as a kid, although we call them fish fingers in the UK :)
    Enjoy your lunch.

  3. those fish sticks sound incredible! I've seen the chicken nuggets in the store - maybe now i'll go for 'em :) (for the record - i LOVE unwrapped!)

    enjoy your froyo =)

  4. Pretty fruit platter! And those fish sticks look yummy. Froyo? Yum, I'm in! :D

  5. I love Unwrapped. Those fish stix look really tasty and the nutrition facts are very impressive! Mainly the fact that there are only 310 mg of sodium in 5 sticks, that's super for fried food. I am wondering if my brother would eat them, he's 12 and very picky. He likes fish sticks and my mom tries to buy him healthier brands but he always notices!!! I'll have to let her know about these.

  6. I have a secrete love of fish sticks lol i need to find these ones I think!

  7. That cookie looks amazing!! I love the mini bites - so cute and cute food is 10x better ;)

  8. i love the game sequence!! I love playing games.. have you ever heard of catch phrase? I got everyone I know hooked! haha


  9. Just stumbled on your blog :) MMM milk and cookies! Seriously, I could eat like 5 of those cookies right now that one looks so good.

    Unwrapped is such a good show! Food network is amazinggg. I can't wait for the new season of Next Food network Star. Those shows are so addicting!
    -Shannon :)

  10. blah blah blah...so sorry i have not been around in forever! but im back!! whoo!

    OOOOH girl, i love me some UNWRAPPED! Probably my favorite show on food network. Whats that guys name? mark summers i think? i love his cheese-iness :)

    I believe you did a nice job of capturing the cookies essence :) definately did a good job of making me want one at least :p

  11. gotta love deserts that carry a great name with them! ;)

  12. Great fruit platter! I haven't had cherries yet this season and now I'm really craving some! <3

  13. ummm fro yo is amazing! If I could, I'd hop on a plan and come join you haha Oh and those Jamfrakas bars are the best!
    Yayyy for those fish sticks...I haven't had those guys since I was in middle and lower school! I loved them with ketchup!

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