What's for dinner?

I came home from work, inspired by a bounty of vibrant veggies. Coming home to a stocked fridge, a cutting board and a sharp knife was just what the doctor ordered. Okay, so there was no actual doctor involved, but I'm sure that he or she would have obliged.

The yellow squash and red onions were sauteed to a golden perfection, the tomatoes were diced and tossed into a cheesy FlatOut 'dilla and the English cucumber went straight into my mouth. Hey, a hungry girl needs a cookin' snack, no?
Double the cheese. Double the delight.
It's my party, I can cry if I want to!
Thankfully, I don't want to. Unless, however, it's tears of joy. :)

Sizzzzzle. I love that sound.
Caa-runch! I'll have another please. Thanks.
Bon appetit!

No dinner is complete without dessert.
Do I need to repeat that or you got it?
I made some of the best chocolate soft serve ever.
Recipe here. Don't be a foo'! Check it out!
The final product included WOW peanut butter cookie crumbles, which you might as well just call peanut butter cookie dough bites. Get some. I am only looking out for your best ice cream interests. ;)

Alrighty, so what's the verdict?
What'd you have for dinner?
Here's a better question... If you could have had ANYTHING for dinner, what would it have been? A legit slice of pizza sounds good...or a big bowl of ice cream. Ahh...nutrition is obviously at the forefront of my mind. :)


  1. I LOVE the colorful veggies in this post!!

    <3 jess

  2. Your dessert looks amazing. I love Wow cookies!

  3. OMG that dessert look amazing! I want those cookies ASAP!

  4. mmm love your colorful veggies! DESSERT looks awesome- i agree w. everybody!

  5. I too am drooling over your cookie-topped soft serve! I need to get some Wow cookies in my house stat!

    Hmm...If i could have been anything for dinner? Macaroni and cheese has been on my mind lately, but anything with copious amounts of gooey cheese sounds wonderful.

  6. i'm a big fan of breakfast for dinner - a big bowl of cereal or pancakes! love me some carbs.

  7. I'm craving on your veggies, you got nice presentation and healthy recipes.

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