Caliente Boutique Cookies

The Vegetarian, The Nostalgic, Deutsch Delikatessen, Satan's Little Helper, Crazy Apes, Caribbean Delight, Blueberry Boutique, The Indulgent, The Harvester, Cocoa Caliente...

When I was browsing the web and stumbled across Cookies by Sarah, I was immediately intrigued by the fun names of her cookies...and, more so, by the tasty descriptions that accompanied them.

I was generously sent a box of cookies to review for my lovely friends (aka YOU) and when I opened said box, I was greeted by a bountiful box exploding with pink confetti.

Love at first sight.

I love the design of this company...from the way they wrap their boxes, to the way they pack their boxes, to the cute biz cards that sat alongside everything.
It felt like my birthday! *which it almost is!*
More PINK! :) This company really puts alot of thought and care into their packages and it makes you feel so special!
I was sent two varieties...the first being Blueberry Boutique.
The cookie is firm and somewhat crumbly with a vibrant and refreshing lemon flavor profile that compliments the buttery, rich white chocolate chips and plump, naturally sweet dried blueberries perfectly. The ingredients are all so fresh, which combines to form one AWESOME homemade cookie!
I also received the Cocoa Caliente variety. As I was unwrapping my little bundle of joy, I could smell the radiating combo of chocolate and heat, which enticed my intrigue even more. I dug one out of the plastic wrapping and took a bite. MMM! Chocolate. It tasted like a premium chocolate chocolate chunk cookie. Crispy on the outside with a dense, almost fudgy center inside. I swallow. Where’s the heat? Oh…THERE it is. It starts as an incredibly subtle heat in the back of your throat after your first bite and it intensifies with each and every luscious bite that follows. It is simply something unexpected that takes this cookie to a whole other level. And it’s not overbearing, which I have experienced with sweets that try to incorporate some heat before!
My BFF is here for the weekend and she brought me these: Planter's NUTrition Cranberry Almond Peanut Bars.
This is a chewy bar with some bite due to a plethora of whole hunks of almonds and peanuts that provide an element of saltiness and nuttiness, accompanied by a boost of all natural sweetness from the dried cranberries and an intermingled crisp from the crisped rice. It’s like a grown up rice crispy treat with tons of mix-ins dispersed throughout and a slightly elevated level of chew. Plus, the ingredient list is impressive.
A++ I would buy this again.

No time to spell check or I'm going to be late for work! Whooops!


  1. omg those cookies!! woohoo for your birthday coming!

  2. By any chance do you know if Sarah is looking for a new best friend? Preferably one to taste test her cookies -- 'cause I'm totally down.

  3. fun cookies!! that lemon-blueberry sounds to die for!

  4. so fun! I love pink pastry boxes :) Also, I just saw those Nut-rition bars at the store last night and was pretty curious about them.

  5. yums those cookies look GREAT! I would love a box for MY birthday lol...mine is the 20th and yours?

  6. Wow- those cookies look fantastic. I would love to try the spicy chocolate! How fun. And the package is truly beautiful. I bet they would make a great gift. Happy (almost) birthday :)

  7. WOW i neeeed those cookies! loved that nut bar too!!

  8. Ooooh! Both cookies look and sound scrumptious! I love me some sass in my baked goods! (aka caliente, in this case) :-)

    Nut bars are my absolute favorite! Have you tried Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch bars? To die for! I eat one every day!

  9. July 16th will be here soon enough!!!

    Love you

  10. Those cookies look delicious!! So decadent, mmmmm :)


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