Dinner tonight began as a Greek inspired dish. I whipped up an "on-a-whim" tsatsiki sauce:

1/2 cup finely chopped English Cucumber
~2T Plain Yogurt
A drizzle of EVOO
S&P to taste
1 Large clove of garlic, finely minced
When I was raiding the fridge, the lemon juice managed to go unseen. Out of sight, out of mind. Darn!

I was planning on making a greek burger; but then I saw the American cheese, ketchup and honey mustard, I knew that a good ole' fashioned burgg was just what I wanted. :) Oh well, the sauce can chill in the fridge for another time. By the way, sauteed yellow squash with a touch of sea salt makes my mouth water. I managed to kill that stack in 0.3857 seconds, so I made a new side to accompany my sizzlin' burger!
THE SAUCE! I am so resourceful. Surprisingly enough, that combo made a KILLER salad "dressing".
My poor attempt at a ketchup heart. I won't quit my day job.
What's that weird looking bread that my burger is perched upon? It's a FlatOut creation and it's GOOD!FlatOut Artisan FOLDit Flatbread to be exact. I was sent a box of things from FlatOut to review (free to me, but my true opinion is shared...no worries on that front!). These are much more pliable than I was expecting, which also translates into a slight doughy and chewy nature. However, they are sturdy and didn't even develop a slight rip as I devoured my oversized burger. The flavor made me think of those frozen sausage, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches that you can buy pretty cheap. This sounds like an odd and demeaning comparison, but I actually LOVED it. I wouldn't touch one of those sandwiches these days (probably...), but it was a weirdly delicious flashback. I can't describe it.
Go try it for yourself.
They also pair quite nicely with mashed chickpeas, tomatoes, cheese and mustard.
Just sayin'
Okay, so if you read my last post, you are probably DYING from suspense. Well, no worries because I shall reveal the new bar that I found at Target yesterday.
Thaaaat's right, folks. My absolute favorite cereal as a kid was Life cereal. Heck, it's still my favorite and the only reason that I don't buy it very often is because it will disappear in approximately 2 days. That is no joke. Therefore, when I spotted these babies...their $2.69 price tag was the last thing on my mind.
Into the cart they went...
Vitamins, protein, fiber...Oh buddy! You didn't even need to add anything to LIFE to make me excited. Now, I am just out of my mind... Like "rip it open in the car" excited.
This should read: For the big kids stuck in a grown-up's body
Not too shabby, eh?
Oh, whatever...what do they taste like?
They taste like Quaker Oatmeal to Go, to tell you the truth. Sure, they have thier own little touches, but the overall texture is remarkably similar. Quaker knew that the "Life" logo slapped on the box would sell me.
I microwaved it for 10 seconds (per Quaker's advice) and enjoyed this bad boy on the way to work this morning. Hot diggity dog. The bar is chewy, yet had a bit of crunch here and there from the life cereal incorporated throughout (although, it could have been any crunchy cereal and I wouldn't have known the difference...). The walnuts on top didn't add much texturally, but they did add to the overall feel of warm banana nut bread straight from the oven. It was good, guys. Pick up a box if you see 'em. Not to mention...it was really satisfying and kept me full for quite some time. I'm impressed.
And we shall end this post on a Greek note. I found Dannon Greek Yogurt at the store yesterday and had to give it a try...new products always get the best of me.
It was phenomenal. The fruit on the bottom mixed into the ultra thick, perfectly sweetened yogurt and created the most beautiful baby pink color. The flavor was so cohesive and the spontaneous bites of strawberry were well received. YUM! I would splurge on one of these bad boys every week. Well worth the $1.00 price tag!
**Speaking of Greek Yogurt...Go check out Leslie's BIG Greek Yogurt Giveaway!**

That's enough yummy eats for now...Tomorrow is friday, in case you forgot. Heck ya! I shall celebrate with a smoothie. How will you celebrate?


  1. i love making tzatziki sauce w/ greek yogurt. and dannon is realllllllly really good and a bit cheaper :)

  2. yumm i love tzatziki

  3. The flat-out flatbreads seem intriguing....I don't know for sure if I can get them in my state though. I love going into the kitchen with one intent and coming up with a completely different product!

  4. you are so multi-cultural ;) I keep telling myself to make my own tsatisiki (um, spell check please?) but somehow my greek yogurt always ends up lathered with carbs and PB. I'm a creature of habit, I suppose :)

  5. new products always get me too. i totally know what you mean about the food flashback, even if it's something you would never eat today - i have had that same experience a lot!

  6. Have you had the 'normal' flatout bread? Are they thin like tortillas?

  7. Yes, I have had the normal flatout wraps. They are featured on my blog in a few places:


    They are like a tortilla, yes. However, the texture is just a bit different due to the high fiber count...but I like them!


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