Suspense Straws

The rain is on its way...Oh joY! I am getting a little tired of trekking to work in the pouring rain and trekking home in the flooded roads with my windsheild covered in streams of the wet culprit. If I was chilling at home with plenty of snacks, movies and a comfy set of pajamas...rain would be more than welcomed! ;)

I did manage to sneak into Target on the way home to snag a few things and I stumbled upon a NEW PRODUCT! Ahhh...like a kid in a candy store. You'll have to wait until tomorrow though because I have not exactly tried it yet. The suspense...
I then settled in for a quick, easy, filling dinner. I thank college for my skillz in preparing this dish.

Toast an English Muffin and finish it off with lotsa cheese!
Be lazy (or you could say "efficient") and microwave an egg in a small dish for 1 minute. Slice a tomato and a peach in the meantime.
Sit on the couch and turn on So You Think You Can Dance for the full effect.
Then, I popped open a package that was perched upon my doorstep (it managed to escape the flood of rain falling from the sky...)
Of course, I had to dig right on in (duh!) and I opted to go the sweet route, seeing as I was in major need of a little dessert by this point (it's been a whole 6 hours since I had chocolate. Too long.).
MMM…Firm, crispy straws provide a hearty crunch beneath your teeth and transform into a light and airy mouthful after just a few chews. They were lightly coated with a delightful dusting of subtly sweet apple cinnamon flavor. These extremely crispy, crunchy straws provide you with a taste experience remarkably comparable to Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists. I haven’t had those in…a long time (do they still sell them?), but if you ever bit into those and enjoyed the experience, then step on up to the Sensible Portions plate!
One ounce is a serving, but I felt like I was eating exponentially more than one ounce! :D
These are addicting folks. Thank goodness I had a single serving baggie (which was packed with a substantial serving!) because I am pretty sure that the only thing that kept me from munch, munch, munchin’ was the fact that my hand was sadly reaching into an empty bag.

I received these as a free sample from the company, but I can whole-heartedly say that I will be purchasing these again. If I can’t find them in the grocery stores nearby, then I would undoubtedly pay $30 for 24 delightful bags of apple cinnamon goodness at the Sensible Portions online store.


And on that note, I shall go hit the sack. Tomorrow is Thursday! The weekend is on its way! Woo hoo!!

What's on the agenda this weekend? I am preparing for a little trip-action! So excited. So much to do.

What new products have you ran into lately? Fill me in folks. I am a nosy little foodie!


  1. I bought some macadamia nut butter for the first time last weekend and it is really good! So far the only thing that I have had it on was a spoon, but hopefully I will have some time to be a little more creative this coming weekend. :)

  2. Those straws look tasty, yum! My best new product is Newmans own mango salsa - SO good!

  3. i finally just tried dr. kracker crackers bc i won them on a blog...not really a fan. they are kinda hard... i guess super crunchy...

  4. I use to love Taco Bell's cinnamon twists! I'm pretty sure they still sell them.......

    <3 Tori

  5. Those straws are super cool! I will keep you informed if I see any new foodie finds ;)

    Especially if they involve ice cream and confetti!

  6. i WISH i could say i've actually seen one of the new larabars...alas, no luck yet.
    oh, but white chocolate peanut butter - better than it sounds.

  7. Yum, those straws sound good. I love trying new things! :)


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