Peanut Butter Mini Cinni Rolls

I just made the most amazing breakfast ever. So good that I had to blog about it immediately. It all started with a hungry tummy, a Traditional Country FlatOut Artisan FOLDit Flatbread and my creativity going full force.

Remember when I told you that FlatOut sent me some yummy goodies? Well, I knew that my surplus of bread needed to be devoured, but plain ole' sammies were going to get old pretty fast.

I woke up this morning and decided that the contents of this bright green package would be the basis for my breakfast. But what to do?

Well, peanut butter was almost a given. Then, I spotted the little jar of cinnamon sugar that I keep on hand (you never know!) and it all came together in my crazy little culinary mind.

Spread the FlatOut with peanut butter and sprinkle with a cinnamon sugar mixture.
Continue to top with walnuts and flax for some nuttiness.
Start at one of the shorter ends and tightly roll your way to the other short end. Cut the log into about 3 two-bite rolls.
These FlatOut FOLDits are so pliable that you can manipulate the rolls to stay together without toothpicks or anything. This will not work the same with tortillas; but you could try it with a somewhat thin and doughy flatbread.
Place in a nonstick baking dish and bake for about 10 minutes at 350*.
I topped mine with the icing I had leftover from my "faux cake doughnuts". Crispy on the outside. Doughy on the inside. Crunchy from the nuts. Buttery from the peanut butter. Sweet from the icing. Absolutely divine and oh so easy.
What is the most creative breakfast that you have ever whipped up? I would have to say that these peanut butter mini cinni rolls are at the top of the list!


  1. omg i love the fold its you made! mmmmm. i need to buy cinnamon & sugar..or i guess i could just make it! hehe :)

  2. those are such beautiful little bundles of joy!!! I really need to find those flatouts - stat.

  3. Very creative - those look like an awesome quick snack!

  4. Great breakfast idea :) Frosting makes everything better!!

    Also, you weren't kidding about having too much bread hahah. I hope you've put half that in your freezer :)

  5. wow, those wraps look great - i absolutely hate when my wraps fall apart. i'll have to look for those!


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