1 Pint, 4 Ways

Making a pint of ice cream last for 4 different bowls (I never said 4 different days...) is hard to do, no? Well, I made a point of making my last pint of ice cream do just that and I documented it along the way (of course!). It all started with this seemingly innocent pint of Blue Bell No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream (only the best!).
While we are on the subject of ice cream, I have to share this cute add for Dreyer's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends, which was in a magazine that I was flipping through the other day.

Personally, I am more for the dating route. You? ;)
Anyways, let's check out my most recent 4 dates.

I already told you all about the first contender (here), but I didn't want to settle for his tempting cookie dough crumbles without seeing what else was on the market.

My second contender arrived in the mail, courtesy of mama N'nD, wrapped up super cute (along with everything else in my birthday package!).
I was expecting him to deliver a rock hard shell, but it was more like white chocolate chunks after mixing and mingling within the bowl. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Good, but not what I was expecting. Who's up to bat next?
Ahh, yes! The PB&J date was one of the best and I must say that this will not be solely a one night stand. It started out like this...
Then this...
Then things just got crazy! OMG! This was crazy good.
He's a keeper!
My final date was enjoyed straight out of the container and involved a simple drizzle of caramel. Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes not.

Alrighty, so what's your favorite ice cream topping? Those PB "cookie dough" bites have got to be mine...but you can put pretty much anything on top of ice cream and I'd probably eat it.


  1. omg cupcake topping? wow that sounds fun. i like caramel!

  2. oh, chocolate sprinkles. i have no idea why, but i love them!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (July 16th) FITSCH - since you are out o town on the real birthday let me be the first to tell you HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY

    Love you Em!!


  4. That is one of my favorite ice creams! Have you tried their great divide? Its awesome as well. Bummer that magic shell isn't all you had hoped it would be. Josh is a huge fan of the plain magic shell. Favorite ice cream topping? Berries- heated and smashed :)

  5. ohh man!! those all look so good! the cupcake topping looks so good! i love anythin crunchy on ice cream like cereal or granola! YUMMM

  6. I love that Dreyer's ad! So cute!

    I have two favorite toppings: peanut butter and cookie dough! But not cookie dough bites...REAL cookie dough that you mix into the ice cream! SO GOOD.

  7. I love peanut butter!!

    I am so into dating in that sitch!
    <3 jess

  8. OMG I always eye that cupcake hard shell at the grocery store and always want to buy it!!! I hope you love love love it :) So then I can live through you until I get it myself!

  9. oh man, you made me want ice cream soooooo badly! :)

    yum!! gotta get my hands on that asap!

  11. Eek. Really? I was planning to buy that Magic Shell thing in Chocolate because i wanted something like the Dairy Queen ice cream coating. Good thing i read this before I bought some.

  12. I love topping ice cream with melted peanut butter or Oreos! Froyo topping faves include cheesecake bites, cookie dough balls, and reese's PB cups :)

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