Emptied the Cookie Jar

I have devoured quite a few cookies in the past couple of days and my stash of the sweet stuff has finally dwindled away.

Creamy plain yogurt spiked with truvia engulfed my last Penny's Low Fat Dessert No Sugar Added Chocolate Tuffle Cookie.
Then the microwave ambushed my last PLD No Sugar Added Toffee Cinnamon Cookie with some radiation and presented me with a piping hot cookie in 15 tantilizing seconds.
Come back little cookie, come back!
My supply of WOW cookies has also become nonesxistent.
The Oregon Oatmeal cookies were just too good to be true.
The Ginger Molasses WOW cookie ran away just like the gingerbread man...Only, he differs in the fact that I caught him and he went straight to my tummy! ;)
The Lemon Burst cookie brightened a dreary, rainy day... and made me think of the sunny days as a young'n when we would set up lemonade stands and completely overcharge the neighbors. :)
This box of Peanut Butter Cookies was a force to be reckoned with.
The box seemed to never end, as my roommate and I dug into the chewy peanut butter delights day after day.
However, some vanilla ice cream proved that, no, the box was not a magical, never-ending creation. Bummer.
Sarah sure knows how to whip up a batch of cookies, but it looks like the only boutique that I will be enjoying this week is the hair salon that I need to stop by on my way home from work tomorrow. Too bad they don't fulfill my desires for buttery, sweet, blueberry, white chocolate goodness.

What is your favorite store bought cookie? Any unique companies that I should know of?


  1. OMG that ginger molasses cookie from WOW was SOOO good. It was like pudding!! BUT -- I just tried my new favorite store bought cookie of all time. The Big O Oatmeal Chocolate Chip... by Frankly Natural Bakers. Check it out:

    500 calories for the whole thing, which is OK with me considering it's bigger than a plate. :D

  2. you are such a precious little cookie monster :)

    I ADORE Nana's cookies. Oh my god -- they are ridiculous!

  3. Oooh, I LOVE WOW cookies!! Yum!

    When I buy cookies, I usually go with those from local bakeries. But I do enjoy Nana's and Laura's Wholesome Junkfood!

  4. aw holy hell that lemon cookie looks good. craaaaave!

    i prefer to bake my own cookies and when i DO buy them i always go to Mrs. Fields. my favorite is the chocolate chip cookie with the elmo face made of frosting (who cares if i'm 18?! it makes me smile)

    love your blog! i'll definitely be back :]

  5. A post about cookies? You are a blogger after my own heart! :)

  6. Toffee Cinnamon cookie?! Ohhh wow, that sounds perfect! And I love Alternative Baking Co cookies, especially the pumpkin spice and snickerdoodle!

  7. you know, i don't really buy cookies because i like making my own so much, but those look amazing!


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