Flat Frozen Fruity Frenzy!!

If you're wondering, NO...I am not about to show you some out-of-this-world, paper thin, cold, fruit ladened treat. Although, the title seemed fitting because all of the words start with "F" and are all featured in this post. Alliteration...my 9th grade English teacher would be so proud.

I hope that you enjoyed America's Birthday yesterday. I loved having a three day weekend and I am loving the looks of a short week! :)

Let's get the fruity portion of this post out of the way, eh? The method to my madness these past few days has been Blackberries. The fact that they were on sale for $.99 may or may not have swayed my culinary creations.

I have made the educated decision (yea, I like to stay on top of my studies in the summer) that any fruit placed on top of a chewy English Muffin lathered in peanut butter and jelly is a smile waiting to happen.
Flat to the Out...FlatOut. Okay, so I'm not exactly becoming a rapper anytime soon (poet isn't in the cards, either), but these FlatOut Crisps make me go a bit crazzzy. I was sent some products, courtesy of FlatOut, after entering a contest (which I lost...whoops!). They were sweet enough to still send me some goodies to enjoy. I knew that I loved this company for a reason! ;)
I have like 1 million products to review (exaggeration...one of my strong points), but I think I will take it slow. Let's look at the one that most caught my eye:
Heck, I would brake for cheese, but four cheese. I'm comin' to a screeeeeching halt!
The nutrition facts leave me happy...mostly because I can stick my hand into the bag 15 times and still tell myself that I only had "one serving". haha
Sorta long, eh? :/
At least we know that this crunchy snack is Au Natural!
The overall taste and texture of the crisps is very “wheat-y”. You can definitely tell that these are packed with fiber. They hit you with a subtly cheesy flavor from the powder that coats the crisps, but that flavor fades rather quickly and you are left with a simple wheat cracker breaking down beneath your teeth. If you like your snacks to have a healthy feel, you would swoon over these 100% stone ground whole wheat creations. If you typically reach for refined grains to subdue the munchies, FlatOut’s new Flatbread Crisps may not be the best snack to jump straight towards.
MMM...cheesy, powder dusted crisps.
I enjoyed an ice cold sonic tea this weekend and though that we should all say hi to their super cute mascot:
Hey, Sweet Sweet Ice Cream Dude! :)

I was sent a coupon from Blue Bunny to try out one of their many frozen novelties. Hmm, where to begin? Well, for one...bring a friend to make important decisions such as these. My roommate and I made the deliberate decision and ended up heading home with (and immediately devouring) Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream Sandwiches. My mom's birthday, my birthday, my cousin's birthday, my grandpa's birthday, America's birthday...they all go down in July. It felt only necessary to celebrate them all in this way.
I didn't even realize this, but these sweet treats are made with light ice cream. Cool-io.
Hahaha....let's pretend we didn't just look at this. Kay? Thanks.
You'll be glad that you overlooked that because these puppies are GOOOOOOD! Like "get me another one" good. The wafers are soft, the ice cream is creamy and the treat is enhanced by a plethora of colorful sprinkles and a thick swirl of vibrant frosting. It tasted 100% like birthday cake and I couldn't get enough of it!
It rivals my favorite soft-serve...
and Dairy Queen's new Pecan Pie Blizzard (Which is caaa-razy good!).
What was the last "get me another one GOOD" ice-creamy dessert that you had?
Who's birthday are you going to be celebrating soon?
One last thing...go check out Leslie's Solixir Giveaway!


  1. Ooh I love flatout wraps but have never seen the crackers!! I am now on the lookout :)

  2. Your blackberry-peanut butter english muffin looks wonderful!

    I ate a bowl of Breyer's Reece's peanut butter cup ice cream today and it was definitely "get me another one good!"

  3. i MUST find those ice cream sandwiches! WOW! sound amazing! LOVE the berry and PB and j combo too!

  4. oh those blackberries look perfect!

  5. i hate when something is flavored "cheese" but that cheese flavor disappears in .2 seconds. boo.

    on the other hand, those bday ice cream sandwiches are epic - had one and loved it. too bad it gave me the worst headache in the world after consumption :[

  6. gelato in italy. i would have to consciously tell myself "do NOT go back in that store." after finishing a cone!
    those sandwiches look wonderful though, and so pretty!

  7. $0.99 for blackberries - bargain! I had never thought to put fruit, PB&J on a muffin but now that I think about it, it sounds heavenly!


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