Teasers, treats, tests and toodles!

Refried beans, spinach dip and a toasty arnie
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge, Jelly and ...a toasty arnie.
My new favorite burrito (which I can't get back home!)
A cute sucker that my FDSC professor handed out after our final (which went well!).
Slightly (SLIGHTLY) dethawed, frozen banana chunks with a big ole spoonful of PB
Just call it Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream.
And call ME if you ever make any.
My Chemistry Final is tomorrow morning and then Alexa and I are headed home...with a long roadtrip along the way! CAN'T WAIT!Toodles:
So, without further ado, I will leave you with a snackage that I ENJOYED earlier...another one with a banana and some PB sandwiched in the middle will most likely become my breakfast. Penny's Low Fat Desserts Peanut Butter Cookie...so so so soft...and BIG...and peanut butter-y!
There are a PLETHORA of big peanut butter chips throughout the cookie. Unexpected and 100% appreciated! It brings this low fat, all natural cookie to a WHOLE other level! :D
Well, I'm off to finish watching So You Think You Can Dance, study and pack! It's fast approaching!! :D:D:D:D
The Actor's Diet is hosting an awesome giveaway to celebrate their new blog!
Tis the season...For giveaways!


  1. the 'treats' look awesome!! & i love that sucker :)

  2. Nice treats. Good luck on the exam and have a safe trip.

  3. i was thinking of you yesterday! LOL my roomie and i were FINALLY both in the room together watching tv at 5pm and i got excited to turn on ABCfamily and watch gilmore girls. except the 25 days of christmas is ongoing so it wasn't on. FAIL (and i don't have my dvds at school with me) so we settled for law and order haha

  4. Good luck on your final lady!

  5. Thanks for the "good luck"s!! :D

    Nicole, your profile isn't working, but I totally went through the same thing! haha I was pretty angrrrryy! ;)

  6. oh my gosh that BURRITO! food porn!!

  7. I can't wait until you get home and receive my package! :) I AM going to try that frozen banana-pb concoction soon!!!!

  8. wow, everything looks awesome! love Qbels!

  9. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! LOVE the penny's! I got the pacakge and they are so moist and delish!!!

    you are so close to being done you can taste it!

  10. thanks for the shoutout! good luck on the last of your exams!

  11. Have a safe trip home.

  12. LC&J totally rivals PB&J.. okay, not even close -- but it is really good!

    rock those finals, ma! xo

  13. That is the cutesttttt lollipop! You are too cute :)

    <3 jess

  14. Hey!! Missed reading your blog, for so many reasons! Including all the mouthwatering treats! GLad your test went well and your prof was cool enough to hand out cute little candies! Hope you're doing well :)


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