I've found the best ever...and it's not Amy's!

Yes, it's true. I love Amy to death, but she might have to duke it out with Matthew because he has stolen my heart for the time being. More on that in a moment.

I have to share with you a phenomenal treat that is SO SIMPLE, yet I just thought of it last night...So, I had just gotten my bootay kicked by good ole' Jill herself and was on the hunt for something cool and refreshing. Of course, that hunt was somewhat short as I only "own" about 1/4 of our tiny fridge. I reached for a Jello-Pudding Cup and I saw the PB. It was like a revelation. I grabbed my spoon and dug out about 1/2 a tablespoon of PB and swirled it throughout my chocolate Jell-O cup. I had no words. It took me alot longer to eat because I was enjoying the little nuts dispersed throughout (Hello, CRUNCHAY PB) and the thorough background of PB. I may never eat a Jell-O pudding cup WITHOUT PB again. Ever.
Moving on....
aka. The Best Burrito Ever.
Better than EVOL.
Better than The Old City Cafe.
Better than Amy's Black Bean Burrito.
Folks, I bought this burrito for $2.19 thinking that it would just be another standard frozen burrito. However, it is not. Oh no. Let's serve it up, lettuce bed style, and dig in...shall we?
To start, this perfectly wrapped creation took about 2 minutes in the micro with a little flip-a-roo halfway through. When it was finally finished, I took off the paper towel wrapping and discovered a hot burrito that was wrapped in a perfectly doughy and chewy tortilla. NOT ONE TOUGH SPOT on the tortilla. This is like a miracle on 31st Street in the way of frozen burritos.
The tortilla tastes like it was just freshly made in your kitchen by some authentic cook from Mexico. It's doughy, chewy and just perfection. Better yet, it has chili powder within the dough, which adds a little kick to each and every bite, but is in no way overpowering.
The filling of black beans, rice and monterey jack cheese is abundant and bursting with flavor. The rice is perfectly cooked, the beans add a nice texture and the cheese adds, not only stringy/gooey texture, but loads of flavor.
I'm not complaining! :D
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!
Amazing, All Natural ingredient list.
All of Matthew's Burritos are Vegetarian, with one Vegan variety and you WILL be seeing alot more of these because I do not plan to stop eating them anytime soon. That means that I need to go stock up because I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I put this little guy into my grocery cart.
Try them. That's an order.
I bought mine at a United Supermarket. They are only in limited stores, but click here and click on distributor information to see if you can find them near YOU! Okay, now that I have wasted about an hour of my study time filling you in on this masterpiece, I should probably get back to work. Yes, that is how good it was. I had to stop and blog RIGHT NOW because I couldn't contain myself. Amazing. Peace out, for now! :D
Uh-oh! Loadssss of giveaways from Miss Leslie (who loves her veggies!):
Jocelyn is giving away some CROFTER's Jam! I've never tried it before.. Perhaps I will get Luccckay! ;)


  1. those look amazing! can you buy them at the grocery store?

  2. Good post. Excellent descriptions :)
    I know whats it like to share a fridge ! I only have 1/3 of a fridge too and it sucks :(

  3. sounds like you may have falled in l-o-v-e w/ that burrito. from the looks of it i can't blame you! :)

  4. that burrito sounds good!

  5. I love burritos but havent found a frozen kind I like yet. I havent tried this one...I'll be on the hunt for it! Thanks for the review!

  6. oooo i am loving the sound of that burrito. where did you get it?

  7. I've never had a ready made burrito, just a homemade, they look delicious though.


  8. Wow, that burrito looks amazing! I love that you put it on salad, too. What a delicious meal :)

  9. I tried those EVOL burritos and they are amazing! :)

  10. better than Amy's!? girl get outta town!

  11. PB and Greek Yogurt is another AWARD WINNING combo! I love jello pudding. I haven't had it in ages though.

    Wow, that Burrito just looks amazing. I will be keeping my eye out for this one!

  12. can't wait to try matthew's burritos!

  13. ughhh that looks delish. I wonder if I can find those in Canada.

    I have a giveaway going on my blog at the moment..for some Crofters organic jam :) Take a looksie if you are interested!


  14. WHAT? that burrito needs to get in ma belly!! and i always freeze my pudding cups..but with PB? now thats genious

  15. Hmm you know i've never actually tried a burrito before...looks like I need to start.
    Also, I love pudding cups...I've never seen a peanut butter one though!

  16. That sounds soooo good! Sadly I don't think they're available near me :(

  17. Mmmmmm all those burritos look amazing!!! Thanks for posting those yums, I will have to get one of those next time Im at the store!!!! Have a great weekend!!! xoxo


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