Easy as Pie

Easy as Pie...I'm not sure who came up with that phrase because, while eating pie is pretty darn easy, I don't think that making a pie fits into that same description...

Anyways, I swear that I eat more than no pudge brownies! haha But they are so fun to dress up and photograph...not to mention, easy as pie to make! Cinnamon dusted on top before baking makes for quite the crust...with whipped cream, of course!
I always eat out the middle and then put the whipped cream inside of the warm brownie and it gets all metly and moistens the brownie and I fall into a foodie coma...
WW Mini Flax Waffles make running easy as pie! ...at least easierrr...
KALE CHIPS! Easy as Pie!...Here's my method behind this Nutritious and Delicious Madness!
I use about half of a bunch of kale (2-3 stalks).
  • Just rip it up into a little bit bigger than bite-sized pieces (they will shrink).
  • Throw it onto a greased cookie sheet (use foil for easy clean-up!).
  • Spray it with a little cooking spray and cover the kale in the spices of your choice (CHILI POWDER is tasty!)
  • Bake at 400F for about 8 minutes (This will depend on how big your pieces are, how many are on the baking sheet, etc. They will appear slightly burnt...this is GOOD! Just try one every now and then and take them out when you like them. I'd say no longer than 10 minutes. They cook very very fast!)
Board Game=optional
Simple Salad (which are sometimes the best salads!) with butternut squash, a veggie burger and my favorite dressing (Annie's Buttermilk!).
Two peas in a pod...tired as a dog (hah) from their bath!
I leave you with some FREE GRANOLA. Apparently, there is no catch. Just click here and then click on "detailed description" to learn more. Easy as pie! I hope it's as tasty as pie! ;)
Go practice Doga with Rufio and he might hook you up with a new yoga mat! ;)
And Her Little Dog Too is offering up some spiffy socks!
Erica is giving away some workout DVDs....who couldn't use another way to look silly..I mean burn calories!?


  1. you made me remember how much I LOVE kale chips. I need to get my hands on some kale asap!

  2. I <3 no pudge brownies :)! Lol a pie is hard to make not that I have ever tried...

  3. oo i gota try these brownies!! nomm!!

  4. Oh my gosh- how cute is that pic of the puppers? I love that you scoop out the middle of the brownie and put the whipped cream inside, that sounds AWESOME!

  5. whoops - hit send too early :) I will def let you know when I receive the bars- thank you again!!

  6. haha I often contemplate where the heck random phrases come from. Like, "whatever floats you boat".. what does that even mean?!?

    PUPPPPPPY!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. Thanks for the FREE granola link. I ordered some. Yum :)

    I am getting a dehydrator any day now (it's in the mail) and kale chips are at the top my my "to make" list.

  8. free granola? score! lol when i was at trader joe's the other day i spotted no pudge brownies pink box and i totally thought of you!!

  9. Thanks so much for that comment on my blog. It made my day girl!! I so appreciate it=)

    Your kale chips look awesome. Im such a huge fan of kale and will have to make these soon. Yum!! Your brownie pic looks so delicious. Im craving chocolate like crazy right now and that look incredible! Thanks for sharing the link for the free granola..Granola is my absolute favorite=) Have a wonderful night!

  10. obsessed with kale chips! I might make some tonight!!

    love the idea of sticking the whipped cream inside the brownies!!


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