Photo Shoot

Hey Hey!

How are you, my lovely readers?! Today, at 7:50AM, I didn't really feel like walking out into the 35mph winds to get to Chemistry, so I stalled with a little photo shoot.

Honest Foods Apple Ginger Bar- Okay, here's the story. At first "bite", I was NOT in love with this bar. Visions of green granny smith caramel apples came dancing through my head (and I'm not really the green sour apple kind of girl). However, after another bite, the whole caramel apple aspect was lost, but the green apple flavor went through and through. Then, I realized that the other sensation tickling my tastebuds was the prominent ginger flavor that resonates throughout the bar. My final comparison= a gingerbread cookie with granny smith apple juice/dried apples baked in. Okay, that sounds odd. But I would call it UNIQUE. And it is, unique! 1/3 of the way through, I was truly enjoying this bar. If you are looking for something to switch it up from the norm, something that you have never tasted before...Honest Foods can hook you up! Oh and there is NO strong (or weak) aftertaste...a BONUS!

"Lunch" was a random Bagel with Jam, a 2% Cheese wedge and an apple. Followed by lots of munching on a brownie...err....Chocolate Little Bites (!!!).
After my LAST CHEM LAB (sorry, had to let out a silent cheer), Alexa and I went to Keva Juice and I tried the Peppermint Patty smoothie/milkshake/most awesome thing ever made in a cup. It was PHENOMENAL and reminded me of this dreamy bar.
And lastly, my friends and I went to this awesome ceremony for the University tonight where you sing carols, drink hot chocolate, freeze and watch as the Christmas lights on the whole campus come on, along with the MASSIVE Christmas Tree! :D So much fun!

Ready to make your spirit bright? Click Here! It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Yay?

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  1. Yay for your last lab! I just had my final anatomy practical today--I'm so glad lab is over! Until next semester of course. Ha! And that milkshake sounds fantastic! What a fun ceremony, too :)

  2. omg i love that honest foods bar! the pb one is just as great too!!!

  3. thanks for your honesty on the honest foods! (baha bad pun) but really-ive been wanting to try those for a while

    i love the way you eat!

    sounds so much fun about the ceremony!

  4. i have been curious about those bars for a while, actually! i had a milksahke too tonight :)


  5. That bar sounds really good. I love green apples and ginger.

  6. oh the bar does sound interesting def and totes (haha) away from the normal bar I would purchase! thanks fro teh revieww

  7. Mmm the bar sounds very yummy.


  8. Mmm that bar actually sounds really good. I love gingerbread - it could be their holiday bar!

  9. I am not a sour apple girl at all! Not sure about that one...

  10. That bar does sound unique! Not sure how I would like it.

  11. You're so cute! I never went to class when the weather way bad, especially chemistry!

  12. Sounds awesome. You look fantastic by the way! The bar sounds interesting. I might have to give it a shot. So fun about singing and hot chocolate around the Christmas tree! That sounds so festive. Have a wonderful evening!

  13. You look so cute!!
    That bar sounds great!


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