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I interrupt the traditional posting to share with you a new product. Please click here, as that individual shares in my view of this new creation. I think we could all use some more veggies in our diets, but really? 1/3 of a serving? I saw this in the store and literally just started laughing. out. loud. Give me a break, Goldfish. But, I still love you...especially when you are made out of pretzels! :)Photo Credit
On another note, Honest Foods sent me some of their yummy creations and last night I broke into the...

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Granola Plank. Let me just start off with the fact that every Honest Foods bar is so packed with flavor that the aroma just billows out of the package like smoke out of a chimney. I just love it. This bar had a delightful pomegranate flavor with the smoothness of walnuts dispersed throughout the DENSE, CHEWY base. I ate the whole thing. I think you are supposed to only eat about half or something...I mean it is called a PLANK. However, it was just too good to stop.
Another bar that I sunk my teeth into was a CLIF Cranberry Orange Walnut Bar (courtesy of Errign). I don't usually like orange flavored baked goods (Exhibit A), but this was phenomenal! The orange flavor was subtle, yet present and thorough; while the cranberries elevated the traditional chewy Clif just perfectly! :D
Pumpkin Pie Spice in yogurt...DOOOO IT! (I know you were taught that peer pressure is bad. This is an exception!)
PB & J (on this lucious masterpiece)... NEVER

Speaking of EarthGrains, I spotted their impersonation of my main man Arnie today (he was featured on SimplySavor!) in the store and had to check it out. Not to mention, there was an in-store coupon for $2.00 off your produce with the purchase of this product. HELLO!
So many companies try to copy this product and either they are all popping out of the same factory...or they all have some stellar food scientists! ;) Needless to say, I couldn't tell the difference between this and arnie...both of them are GREAT!
EDITED TO ADD: Okay guys, I just had another one and I lied..I think there is a difference. It is a little bit softer/fluffier and, therefore, a tad thicker, than Oroweat/Arnold's Sandwich thins; which is neither a good or bad thing! We can enjoy them all! :D
I toasted one up and spread some fat free (aka no lard! bleh!) refried beans on it and piled it high with lettuce! I LOVE REFRIED BEANS! :D
Frito Lay Premium Quality Nut & Fruit Trail Mix
Perfect Combo! No really, not all trail mixes have the perfect combo. Trust me! ;)

Oh, one last thing! We got a pet for our dorm...FINALLY!
Good thing he "never barks". Our fellow roomies will like that!
Phahahh! I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Durrrn it I just bought those earth grain buns earlier this week!!

    And I might have to give in to your peer pressure :-)

  2. looks like arnies has some competition - throwdown!

    veggie flavored goldfish -- now I've seen everything!

    p.s. pardon me, but I can't resist: beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you... bah! I'm so inappropriate.


  3. I think in 2050 PB&J's will still not be old

  4. i love your blog so much because you always have new/different products :)

    haha that is too funny about the goldfish! people are a bit crazy sometimes!!

    i didnt like that clif bar but im glad you did! :) PB&J never gets old-- so true!

    have a great night xoxox

  5. those earthgrains look great!
    those goldfish are very funny...garden cheddar! haven't seen those in the stores yet!

  6. i liked the earthgrain thins! & i love goldfish :) yum


  7. oh my gosh, how pathetic! People will eat those and assume they can get their daily servings of veggies, I hate that! I really think claims like that should be illegal, seriously. Thanks for posting this!

  8. I LOVE the pumpkin pie spice in yogurt idea!! Do you put it in plain yogurt or vanilla yogurt? Or does it even matter? Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions :-)

  9. I agree with Gina about the goldfish. I have parents ask me all the time about these products for their kids. Just eat your veggies!

    I am definitely going to try adding pumpkin pie spice to my yogurt. That sounds yummy.

    Good luck with your "pet"!

  10. The pbj looks amazing! I'm pretty sure I'm about to go make one now :)

  11. oh pb and j...i've been having pb and cran apple butter together lately...divine!

  12. GREAT post!! gah that PB AND J looks AWESOME.. like unbelievably good! i love pp spice in yogurt!

  13. Oh my, yes they will try to make anything look healthy. On the flip side if you really can't get someone to change what they eat or feed their kids, well at least there is this option. I think that is what happened to food companies. There are people who won't change but companies have pressure from lobbyists and other groups to make healthy foods. They know if they change too much they will loose too much money. Sometimes (and yes I am a RD) i think this is what is the compromise. Then my job is to just keep educating. But if a person will not give up the food, they can at least add a gram or 2 more of fiber to the serving or a little bit of a veggie to it. It's a tough situation for everyone. And my fave are the pretzel ones too.

  14. Oh, my goodness. Some of that definitely qualifies as food porn.

  15. Ahahaha that goldfish thing is too funny! Shameless companies trying to cash in on the "health food" bandwagon. Silly rabbits!

  16. Hi :)
    I saw those Honest bars on KERF's website. Don't worry (who eats only half a bar anyway ? :))

  17. you are so right that all these companies are trying to copy the sandwich thins and to me, they all taste the same LOL, whatever ones I grab for is what I get haha

    the honest bars look so choc full of goodness and delicious thanks for the review girl!

    I got my PLD pacakge and tried one they are so great!!

    oh and PB&J-never does get old does it!?

  18. PB&J. Love. Haha
    I got your comment! Thanks! Your pb will be on it's way tomorrow! I can't wait to receive your package. :)

  19. man, how many companies do the thins now? Im with Naomi--they all taste the same. I even think the different "flavors" like whole wheat, mutligrain, honeywheat...i think they all taste the same too!

  20. no way does the old pb&j ever get old!!
    glad you like the cranberry orange clif, i saw it the other day and neglected to buy it, i was worried i wouldn't like it, silly me should have bought it ;)
    happy monday!

  21. ahhaha your post cracked me up. You are so right, PB&J never gets old. I could eat it everyday I think=) Love the Plank review. I gotta try these out! Thats really funny about the goldfish. Sheesh! haha. Anyways have a great night girl!


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