KA...I'm the president

My newest obsession: I just ate about half of a bag of carrot chips with said dip. Stomach Ache?! Totally Worth it.
This spinach dip is also freaktabulous on a partially toasted (toasty, yet still doughy) Arnie (or Arnie imposter).
This Chicken Caesar Wrap was sub-par...perhaps the spinach dip would have changed my mind...probably not.
A new snack! 2 ingredients. Ready?
  • Frozen banana chunks (small, bite-sized & partially thawed) +
  • 1/3-1/2 of a crumbled Larabar (PB&J?)

When these two ingredients combine in your mouth, the creamy banana tastes like ice cream, while the larabar has a chewy cookie-like effect that mimics an ice cream sandwich in the best possible way. I'm hooked.

Let me know if you try it. I'm dying to know if it is really that good or if my finals have taken over my mind and I can no longer think straight (Wednesday...where are you!?).
Western Alternative Bagel with LC and Jam.
Better than a Jelly Donut! ;)
I won some Zevia from my fellow schnauzer lover and they popped into my mailbox last night. PERFECT timing for my weekend full of stuDYING!
Please note the Keva Juice cup in the background. KA (Kevaholics Anonymous). I'm the president. Although, I guess I was supposed to keep that anonymous...
Here is what my room looked like last night...yea, my big bad Calculus final is over. It was ooooo-kay. Nothing to write home about. What's that snack-age that's perched upon my pile of notes?
Well, what's a better study snack than a PLD Carrot Raisin Muffin top??? Nada. Fluffy,dense, bursting with flavor, slightly crispy...it woke up my tastebuds quite nicely! :D
Not sure what to get someone for Christmas?! Well, look no further...

Time to pack and study... What an exciting weekend this will be ***insert sarcasm here***
COFFEE & CARBS giveaway (what more do you need?)


  1. ah the glamorous life of a collegiate.. right there with ya girl -- working on a 10 page paper as we speak. Good time, good times.

  2. eats look fab as always ;)

  3. so i've seen frozen banana on SO many blogs - i may take your tip and try it (not sure if i'll pair it with larabar tho - not much of a fan - i know BLASPHEMY lol) maybe i'll mix it with a z bar ;)

  4. good luck with your exams...try not to stress too much :)

  5. i'm not going to lie, the bagel looks really good. and i hope your exams go well!


  6. Laughing cow and jam is soething I NEED to try

  7. I am going to have to try that Larabar/frozen banana combo!

    I got your package today! Thanks so much! I will blog about it soon. :)

  8. Your blog always makes me so hungry! That spinach dip in the jar DOES look oh-so-tasty! I weigh in at my meeting tomorrow, so stay tuned :-)

  9. hahah LOVE your KA thang! hilarious. AND that dip!!

  10. frozen banana chunks = awesome. I usually just have them with a splash of soymlk and drizzle of agave or maple, should totally try the bar thing though.

  11. Delish eats - LOVE spinach dip and well you just make the jarred stuff sound phenomenal :) YUM carrot raisin muffin top!!!!

    Thanks for the Soup fun pack contest shoutout - good luck!

  12. Good luck on exams! The bananas and Zevia make me hungry just thinking about!

  13. I with you there on a "exciting" weekend. Good luck girlie!

  14. mmm i used to loooove that spinach dip.

  15. Mmm everything looks delicious, love the wrap and the bagel.


  16. Delish eats! I'm totally with you on the finals thing. I just want them to be over with!

  17. I like that dip too, but I try to limit the consumption. It is tasty though and I could eat it with some very salty chips and some carrots.

  18. You're ALMOST there ! Keep on pushing on! Love carrot chips and I bet they're perfect with that yummy spinach dip


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