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I am in the process of writing up my giveaway blogpost...which may be interrupted by some laundry, SHREDding when my roomie wakes up and a little football. While you're waiting, I think it's well worth your while to enter these lovely blogger's generous giveaways:

1. Leslie and her little pupster are giving away a fiber one prize pack! (Please meniton that you heard this from muah!)
2. Leslie (the one who Loves Veggies) is giving away a personalized ornament, a delicious looking cookbook, Wee Squeak Shoes for the kiddos (Christmas Presents!), some festive Bangerang Cupcakes and some sweet smelling candles!
3. Averie is giving away the famous Kay's Naturals Products and some Amazing Chocolate Grass.
4. Erica is giving away some TJ's goodies (!!) along with a whole host of other wonderful stuff!
5. Oh em gee! I almost forgot about Jenny-loo's COOKIE giveaway! :) Okay, I actually already blogged about it here, but can you ever have too much cookie/Jenny love? No!
Be back soon! :D

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  1. happy saturday pookie! and I hope you caught wind of my giveaway :) I'd love to be able to hook my twinsie up with some cookiezzzz!


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