Crammed Scrumptious Christmas Kitchen

My pots and pans have had quite the workout over the past few days. There is Cocoa Berry French Toast, Whipped No Pudge Treats, New Dishes, Crispy Veggies, Crock Pot Specials and a sparkly baked pumpkin masterpiece. Let's get on to the mouthwatering pictures...shall we?!

Cocoa French Toast with a warmed strawberry/maple topping
Soak Arnie in an egg white/cocoa powder/chia seed mixture for a good 20 minutes. Sear in a frying pan. Add berries and a drizzle of maple syrup to the pan. Heat. Serve. Quite the festive breakfast!

Crock Pot Potato Soup- courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats
The changes I made: I used 5 med/lg russet potatoes, peeled and sliced pretty thin, 1 whole can of corn, 1T butter, bacon bits (instead of cooking bacon), added one clove of minced garlic with the onion.
This was SO SO SO good. It tasted like a twice baked potato.
So creamy and EASY! MMM! I topped it with some shredded cheese, plain yogurt, green onion and bacon bits.
Cute, huh? I had to have it. My mom asked me what kind of dishes I think I am going to want when I get a kitchen of my own. My answer..."I think I will just have a mish mash of dishes because I love buying dishes too much and having a bunch of different ones to use. I don't want just one set". haha I'm so cool! ;)
Well, lunch the next day was a no brainer! This stuff is just so darn warm, comforting and GOOD!
I paired this creamy bowl with some kale chips that baked a minute too long and some random black olives. I love black olives! :)
Yesterday morning, I whipped up some Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken (once again, courtesy of Iowa Girl...the crock pot Queen!). I added a whole can of corn...of course. This was practically gone last night. The whole crock pot. My family loved it! SO SO EASY! I ate it as a soup because there was a little extra broth. My family ate it over chips with cheese and the whole shabang. I squirreled away just enough last night (before releasing the hounds..haha) to make a burrito today for lunch! Can't wait.
Sweeeets! Oh sweets! Tis the season, right? My mom's co-worker gave her this pretty cookie and I have helped her to devour it over the past two days. Shortbread and Jam...can't turn that down! ;)
My no pudge brownies are officially gone (thanks to my family and I's big bad sweet tooth!). I served them up warm, topped with whipped cream and festive sprinkles. So fudgy and chocolate-y and as the whipped cream melted...just pure bliss!
To continue with the festive eating, I grabbed a handfull of nuts and the nutcracker. Yea, isn't my nutcracker so darn cute?! I thought so! ;)
Two peas in a pod.
dun dun dun....it's time to get baking! I woke up at 7AM (with my alarm set for 8AM) this morning, so instead of going back to sleep...I took advantage of the extra time, poured a mug of coffee and started baking...
Heart Shaped Measuring Cups are the only way to go...
I couldn't find our old school hand mixer, so I did it all by hand...one less thing to wash! :D
(well, unless you count my hands...)
Longest 20 minutes of my hungry life...
So pretty! I substituted the brown sugga for red sprinkles...obvi!
Paired with coffee, plain yogurt and fresh berries!
These are NOT very sweet. At all. At first, I was like..hmmmph! However, after I told my sweet tooth to shush!, I enjoyed the wholesome flavor and dense, yet soft texture. I really like these...perfect breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed mine just plain, but they'd also be good with some toppings or sliced and prepped as a sammie. Add some jam, butter, nut butter, pumpkin butter, yogurt, whipped cream, chocolate syrup...my sweet tooth is now offering suggestions...

I was going to continue on my random running streak (I did 25 minutes @ 6mph yesterday!! :D), but I think I'll just go take a shower and start my day! Perhaps some last minute Christmas Shopping with a little Starby's run is in my future?!
In the spirit of giving:
Monica is giving away Heart Thrives. Want some?
One Haute Tutu Shoppe...cute stuff!
Nutridel cookies! :D
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  1. All your eats look delish! love those pumpkin scones especially. Yum!

  2. Everything looks great. I love the heart shape measuring cups. They are two cute!!

    Happy Holidays :)

  3. those sconse look delicious! thank you for posting the link! i love scones esp with some melty PB on top yummm heavve :)

  4. damn stan... your culinary skills are crazy lately. Food Network better snatch you up asap!

    p.s. I've never cracked my own nuts..

    ... sorry, I had to -- just for TWSS purposes.

  5. Excuse me?! Cocoa french toast? Pumpkin oat scones? Where the hell are you, I need those in my life!!! I guess i could make it for myself, but yours just looks sooo pretty and yummy!

  6. cocoa french toast!!? now that is what I call genius! never would have thought to do that.

  7. Happy Holidays! That pumpkin oat scone looks DELISH! I've also been seeing french toast creations all over the blogs lately. I'm DEF gunna hafta try it now that I'm home from school.

    Nicole G

  8. Yum!! :) Looks like you've got some wonderful things cooking up in the kitchen!

  9. oh my gosh i NEED THOSE SCONES!! and the no pudge brownies! they all look amazinggg girl! :)

  10. Epically awesome post!!!
    The Cocoa French Toast with a warmed strawberry/maple topping look amazing!!!! Cocoa and french toast, yum!

    Thanks for all the contest entries, too! Love the holiday stash of goodies youve got goin' on!

  11. Wow everything looks amazing! I think the scones sound great. I need a break from all the sweets!

  12. cocoa berry french toast yummm!

  13. omg those scones look so good! i made pumpkin scones with chocolate chips the other weekend too!

  14. yumm pumpkin oat scones?! definitely going to try this! happy holidays! :)

  15. Major nommage! Can you come over to my house and cook for me hehe?

  16. WOWZA! You have been busy! That cocoa berry french toast looks incredible! I hope you got some S'Bucks! : )

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Ah! I lost my comment :( I said that your Cocoa Berry French Toast looks TO DIE for!! And I hope you have a good dish washer...you've been SUPER busy! Get some S'Bucks...there's always room for S'Bucks : )

    Merry Christmas!

  18. The french toast is making me drool as is the no pudge brownie.

  19. The heart shaped cookie is so cute!!! Pumpkin scones and yummy brownies, girl you can come to my house and Bake anytime!! lol!! Merry Xmas to you and your family!!! xoxo


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