Phenomenal Thins

Hello everyone! I feel much better today (although not 100%...so I skipped the gym today! Actually, I got on my workout clothes and was trying to determine which would be lower impact...Spinning or Pilates....and then I told myself that NEITHER would be best for my body because I need to be 100% before I go back to sweating my heart out! Especially with surgery around the corner....so no workout it was! I was looking forward to it too....Owell!

Anyways, I got nine hours of sleep last night, which I really needed. However, I didn't wake up until late and just had a banana for "breakfast" around 10ish.

Look at what our neighbor brought us back from her trip to Florida....
Arnold Sandwich Thins (yes, they are whole grain white and I would prefer whole grain, but WHO CARES!). I can't find these in any store (I don't think they are sold in TX), so I was pumped! I made a PBJ on one last night and FELL IN LOVE (bad thing!). I have heard rumors that Pepperidge Farms is making a Copy Cat version and it better be coming out SOON! For lunch, I made some of the best sweet potato fries ever (topped with Fajita Seasoning! MMM!) and alongside, I had the same wrap that I had in this post, but stuffed with lettuce after taking a spin in the oven. I actually made two and froze this one, so I could have a quick lunch sometime. That's a good tip! Make your own wraps! It'll be cheaper!
Then I had three (yes, three) Whole Foods 365 Duplex Sandwich Cookies before heading off to work..where I had a few baby samples of frozen yogurt as I was "testing" the machines! ;)
After work, I had about 3/4 cup of this Kashi "Snickerdoodle Cookie" Cereal (I think I confused some people by calling it that in my last post...The real name is Kashi Warm Cinnamon Oat Heart to Heart). But from here on out, it shall be known as Snickerdoodle Cookie Cereal....
And now I am officially OUT! ***gasp***
Then I had some orange slices and freshly frozen sliced cherries!
I was enjoying eating in little spurts! haha
Then I put those marvelous Sandwich Thins to GOOD USE! I grilled the thins on the foreman while my homemade veggie burger cooked on the stove. (This was my last veggie burger, so I need to make more! It is so nice to have them at hand and they are so much better than store bought!).
One side of the toasty/doughy goodness had the veggie burger topped with honey mustard.While the other side had broccoli shreds (Simply take the broccoli stocks and shred them through a grater. Full of flavor and soooooo good! LOVE THEM!) and roma tomato slices. This was a truly phenomenal burger!Dessert came in the form of a Penny's Low Fat Desserts Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with PB.

Seriously, this was so soft, creamy and delicious, I couldn't believe it... That extra addition of PB made allllll the difference!
I have no words.

Go enter my GIVEAWAY now, so that you can make the delicious treat above for yourself! While you do that, I am going to go watch SYTYCD and eat some popcorn! :D


  1. congrats for the 9 hours of sleep :D thats amazing in my book :)
    so this post is basic food porn for me - kashi cereal, sammie thins and sweet potatoes (oh my!)
    great eats girlie!

  2. I've been dying to get my hands on some sandwich thins! I haven't seen them in CO.

  3. mmmm I love how you are using those sandwich thins!

  4. your food looks AMAZING as always! have a good night girl!

  5. the thins are so good- the Pepperidge Farm ones are on the shelves and have had good reviews! That cereal looks amaaaaaaaazing :)

    I am so jealous of your nine hours sleep right now- am running on 3! ('running' being a little overexaggeration...stumbling around in a daze is more accurate :P )

    Have a great Thursday!

  6. OMG yayy I am so happy that you finally got sammy thins! I LOVE them! They are so good with pb and j or with veggie burgers or just sammies in general. Speaking of veggie burgers those look delicious! Can you send me the recipe?!

    Oh and that snickerdoodle tasting cereal must be found! I need to have it in my tummy asap! haha

    So glad you took a day off and listened to what your body needed! Way to go girlie!

  7. Wow wonderful burger sandwich.

  8. Oh yes, Pepperidge Farms DOES make a copy cat version, and my mom is obsessed! I have yet to try them, but I'm admiring all of your yummy creations. The burger looks great!

  9. The Pepperidge Farms ones are called Deli Flats and they are equally as delicious! Your veggie burger looks so yum!

  10. yummmmm... i jsut want to eat it allll. end of story.

    haha have a good day girl!

  11. Sandwich thins are the best! I am very excited to try the new Pepperidge Farms ones! Oh and I must win your contest! That cookie looks sooooo good!!

  12. The pepperidge farms ones are no myth, I have some in my pantry right now. They're pretty good, I've never actually had an Arnolds so I can't compare. But the whole wheat ones are 100 calories with 5g fiber, 6g protein and more than 8g whole grains per serving, and they have a pretty light texture.

  13. I need to find that cereal! And your sandwich thin veggie burger looks delicious :D Those sandwich thins are so good.

  14. Sandwich thins are delicious!! I LOVE THEM. They're perfect for everything. Your eats are always so yummy looking!

    <3 jess

    P.S Sorry you aren't feeling so well! I think skipping the gym was a wise idea!

  15. mm i eat at least one of the sandwich things everyday -- they are so perfect! especially toasted with peanut butter or topped with cottage cheese.. nom nom nom!

    I've had the pepperidge farm version also (theyre called deli flats) and love them too :)

  16. i eat the deli flat ones. I think they taste the same. I love them! perfect for sammies :-)


  17. I haven't been able to find those arnold thins anyone either....


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