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Last night, I was talking with my mom and told her that it was time for me to get back to "Blogworthy Eats"! haha She thought it was funny! I was serious though! Enough FroYo & What Not!! Well, today started off well enough; but at my post-op appointment, my doctor said my left eye was starting to swell (And I have REALLY felt it today!). She gave me some higher strength eye drops that should do the trick....let's hope so because it's really not feeling good! I am so tired of lounging around all day!
I want to go shopping, work out, cook, LIVE! :D

Yesterday, I whipped up a yummy black bean dip that I thought I would share. Into the blender went:
  • 2T Cream Cheese
  • 1/4c Black Beans
  • Lots of Chili Powder & Fajita Seasoning
  • a touch of EVOO

Creamy Goodness! Look at little Molly Bear lounging atop my mountain of pillows and blankets on the couch!
This morning, before rushing off to my appt (and before my eye was really bothering me), I made an N 'n D Style Breakfast Burrito to take on the go.
Along with some Truvia enhanced coffee!
Scrambled Egg, Lentils, Shredded Carrots, Shredded Broccoli Stalks, Shredded Cheddar....within an Alvarado St. Bakery Sprouted Wheat Tortilla! YUM!
Upon getting home (and running by to get my prescription), I put the drops in and went to sleep. I woke up to find the FedEx man knocking on the door and opened a package to reveal...


Lauren from MixMyGranola contacted me and asked me if I would like to give their product(and innovative idea) a try! Would I?!
I love MixMyGranola. It's like the perfect snack. It's not like those store bought granola mixes, where you end up picking around half of it. Everything in the container is something that you picked out! Not to mention, there are so many mix-ins, your head will spin. Plus, they have these enhancer powders that you can add to bring your snack up to the next level.

N 'n D Snackin' was the name of my mix and I chose:
  • French Vanilla Granola
  • Dried Bing Cherries
  • Organic Cacao Powder
  • Chlorella Powder
  • Animal Cookies
  • Peanutbutter Pretzels
  • Golden Raisins

Don't worry guys, I was fully satisfied! :)
This is no ordinary granola and I would definitely recommend this particular mix! Whatever you choose, be sure to combine those PB Pretzels with the dried bing cherries! At some point today, I had a big bowl of lettuce topped with this black bean/corn ready-made salad topper that my mom and I found for $2.00! What a steal! Delicious & Quick.
I have had alot more to eat today (popcorn, cereal, a little froyo, fruit); but it wasn't quite a "BlogWorthy Day of Eats" quite yet. I do want to show you this SCRUMPTIOUS SANDWICH though!

MaraNatha CREAMY PB & a Sliced Banana....grilled on the Foreman! OH BABY! :D

Then a different FedEx guy (haha!) stopped by and left these at my doorstep! Jessica from Late July Organic Snacks graced me with these delightful cookie sandwiches that I have not been able to find in my neck of the woods; but have been dying to try! (My mom was quite happy to see the package too!).

Late July Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Organic Mini Whole Grain Sandwich CookiesBefore munching on the cookies, my mom and I read through the Late July Media Kit! It was so cute and interesting that I wanted to share some of it with you all!
Recognize these two little guys from the front of the box?!
Here they are! :D They are Nicole's (the founder of Late July, along with her father Steve Bernard) two little kids. Too cute!

Look at that sweet story about how they came up with these yummy cookies (of course, I know that they are yummy by now!).
I love hearing/seeing the story behind the food I eat!
Nicole's Family founded Cape Cod Chips.
Nicole's father working at Cape Cod Chips.Alrighty, so how do they taste?!
First of all, look at how cute they are! And you get 10 little cookies in a serving. AND one serving has 10% of the RDA for Calcium.
The flavor profile of the crispy cookie is a delightfully rich chocolate. That unseemingly white center is no traditional vanilla creme....it is unmistakably WHITE CHOCOLATE and really takes this cookie over the top! :)
Plus, 10% of the profits from each purchase are donated to the
Jane Goodall Institute!
The Milk Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are just as yummy; but have a completely different, yet equally enticing, taste sensation. The cookies are dense, yet flaky and the chocolate center adds a creamy element to the overall mouthfeel.
Each bite is perfectly sweet and satisfying, but does not knock you over the head with a sugar rush! Very good!

I hope and pray that my eyes (especially the left one!) heal soon; not to mention, I am scheduled to work on Tuesday! I hope I don't have to cancel!
Giveaway time!
http://nikesandponytails.blogspot.com/2009/07/ginormous-july-giveaway.html (be a good friend and mention that I sent you! Thanks!)


  1. Animal cookies in your Mix?! Genious!! :)

  2. bing cherries are SO good! yay for all the deliveries! those cookies look delicious and adorable...i love late july products!

  3. Yummy blog-worthy eats! ;) That granola mix sounds fantastic. I hope your eye feels better soon!

  4. haha those little cookies are adorable. your eats are looking pretty blogtastic to me!

  5. thos white chocolate cookies look amazing! as does the granola!!!! :D and the bean spread and burrito... I'd say you definitely have some blog-worthy eats!

    hope your eye feels better today! x

  6. hiii! I am SO happy the Mr. FedEx man could come bearing gifts! You deserve all those goodies after dealing with all the not so fun eye issues :( I really hope that it gets better soon! Oh and yumm on that delicious breakfast burrito! That and the really amazing pb banana panini sammy! Happy tummy!

    p.s. NEVER feel bad about eating what you want and enjoying out! Blogworthy shmogworthy is what i say!

  7. all of the eats look delicous hun :) enjoy your weekend!

  8. WOW! LUCKY girl!!!!

    Love all of the late july pics and products! so fun!!!

    hope your eye gets better soon, love!!

  9. Those Late July cookies look yummy. And animal crackers in granola? Awesome!

  10. That black bean dip looks really delicious. Hope that your eye feels better!

  11. Yeah for breakfasts burritos!! And, that granola sounds so great. I'll have to give that a try. I've heard about it, and even thought of some great combos (although yours sounds even better...) but I haven't ordered any yet. I bet that would make a good christmas gift too!

    Have a good weekend.

  12. That's how my pupperoons sleep too and it bugs me because they always end up falling on my head! Glad you got to try the MixMyGranola :)

  13. wow those late july cookies look so decadent! I've never heard of them before -- major yum-o .. i'd love love love to try some of that chocolately goodness :) glad you enjoyed!

    awesome granola mix!

  14. haha blogworthy eats. your too cute!
    So now I want to pick up all of those cookies you reviewed. That could be a problem because I easily get addicted to cookies :)
    have a great night!

  15. whoa, late july? i've heard of the company - my college convenience store actually sells their products! i don't know why that's so exciting to me...haha.

    i've tried the organic vanilla bean with green tea cookies. i really liked the idea of this flavor, but i didn't like the cookies very much. they were too sweet for me and the tea flavor wasn't very strong.

  16. I'm finally back, and I feel like I've missed a ton! But, I hope to catch up quickly with everything- definitely let me know if I've missed anything extraordinary, ok?

    Those cookies look amazing! I've been craving some oreo type cookies, and those look like the "healthy" way to fit the bill. Maybe if I can find a good deal on 'em somewhere?

    Heal quickly!

  17. Love your granola mix! Those pb pretzels look yummo!

  18. oh, the grilled PB and nana sammie takes the cake! And I love the cream cheese in the black bean dip! yummy!


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