The Most Bang for your Buck

These past few days have been crazy busy with shopping (I had an Old School treat while roaming around Target with my mama...a Coke ICEE! :D), eating (haha), working, hanging out, etc...I have a whole host of random pictures! I only have 3 weeks until I head back to school (WHAT?!)...2 of which I will be on vacation during...so I plan on making the most of this upcoming week (perhaps a little baking adventure and lots of great eats!). Let the randomness commence....

OMG OMG OMG! :D I found 100% Whole Wheat Oroweat Sandwich Thins! SCORE! Unfortunately, my first meal with them was shoved down my throat in the form of a PBJ with the 10 minutes that I had to get ready for work this morning after a spur of the moment shopping trip (grocery and not)...I was going to blog earlier this evening before heading to Alexa's; but instead, my dad and I decided to make 2 huge salads and watch Cops together! haha Great Times!
  • Enough lettuce to feed a crowd (my dad piled it high for me within a HUGE bowl)
  • Portabellos
  • Lentils
  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Carrots
And I dressed it up the only way I know how....
Check out these cute pineapple shaped cookies my mom got from a friend!
Another salad...but this time with a different dressing...what could it be?!!
Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Fat Free Poppyseed Dressing (I found it in the fridge thanks to a spontaneous purchase by my mom). It is fairly good and nice as a light/refreshing salad topper; but the vinegar flavor is much more prominent than I was expecting!
On Saturday, My mom and I not only went to Target; but we also went to "Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-TJMAXX...you should go"! I got three cute cute shirts, a pair of white capris, a mirror for my dorm and this adorable Vera Bradly Inspired Duffle for $15! Woot! I can always use more totes to get to and from school!
And I found this sweet bulletin board with a chic look (for the dorm!).
Olde Hearth Honey Wheat Bagels! I found these at Target for $1.50 and decided to try them out! SO SO Glad I did! They only have 190 calories (less than your average bagel; but more than the light bagel varieties). I have never thought that the light varieties have the same doughy goodness and texture...I think Olde Hearth is the perfect middle ground! :)Topped with LC Cheese Wedge, lentils, onions and chili powder....and baked @ 375* (with kale chips) for 10 mintues...
ANOTHER NEW PRODUCT! Who else has seen these?!
Yoplait Delights Chocolate Raspberry ParfaitThey are a bit thicker than yogurt, but not as thick as Jell-O. Honestly, they are not bad and will satisfy your sweet tooth, but the chocolate variety (I haven't tried the others) has a slight aftertaste and...well, I prefer my frozen yoplait whips for now....but I do think these will be welcomed with open arms by many...and for good reason.
Just a little fancy photography for ya! ;)
And the Nutrition Profile because these things are so brand spankin' new that they are not even on the Yoplait Website yet!
Last, but NOT least, I was graced with some coupons for free Sunshine Burgers and...while I know of a place around campus that sells these tempting burgers...I am on a hunt to find them sometime before then!
Have a fabulous week everyone! ♥


  1. I've still never tried those sandwich thins either, but I always hear such great things about them. And they sell those pineapple cookies at a local store by my house. :D They always give away free samples at their store. You have so much yummy food to go through with your bagels and your Yoplait parfaits... We're running kind of low at my house.

  2. hi lovie! I am SO with you on the subject of how dang fast summer has been moving! It seems SO crazy! I hope you do live up these next three weeks and have an amazing time on vacation!

    Yayy for all yours new finds and amazing shopping adventures! Those bagels look so big and thick and delicious! Oh and TJ Maxx is pretty much the bomb!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful eats! As always!

  4. Hope you find the sunshine burgers. I've never tried them.

  5. you go back in 3 weeks? where did summer go?! where are you going on vacation?

    dang...forgot to try freezing mousse! The lentil/lc/bagel sounds awesome :D

  6. The yoplait parfaits look interesting. I think your whips sounds much better. I just hate buying things that are in such large packages. I've been realizing how much packages I go through every week and it's scary!

    Great shopping purchases. I love TJmaxx!

  7. I know! I can't believe school is starting so soon! I have a month, but still! Where did summer go? I guess that's what you get working full time!

    Mmmm, those parfaits do look pretty yummy.

    OOh, can't wait to see what goodies and creations you come up with this week! I got coupons from sunshine burger too! Look forward to reading your review, and seeing how we both rate them! (;

    Have a great monday chica!

  8. I LOVE the pineapple shaped cookies! They are so cute!!

    Fun new buys! Those bagels sound like a fantastic find!

  9. is that a coffee bean in the pineapple shaped cookie? how cute! and i love the bulletin board. the shape of it kind of looks like one of those distorting mirrors that fun houses at carnivals have. haha.

  10. you and your mom sound so much like my mom and me...we go to target and starbucks all the time together :)

    awww those pineapple cookies look sooo cuteee!

    enjoy your last week at home, love!

  11. tjmaxx -- holla! you know how much i love it :)!

    hmm i've never heard of oroweat sandwich thins?! googling those babies right now :)

  12. Those pineapple cookies are adorable! I hope you can find those sunshine burgers soon. They're yummy!

  13. Those pineapple shaped cookies are adorable! Maybe they're a healthier cookie since they're shaped like fruit :)

  14. ooo portobellos are so awesome! I love having them grilled, in place of meat in a burger!

  15. WOW! I need to take you shopping with me! You always find the most interesting food finds! Those bagels sound great!!

  16. Have fun on vacation! :D
    Love your eats. Mmmm! Glad you enjoyed shopping!
    <3 jess

  17. good thing I am going to target today - I will so be hitting up those bagels :)

    love the pineapple cookie! Enjoy your three weeks girlie :)

  18. Ahhh I just found those sandwich thins too! I guess in Texas we're about a year behind everyone else, right?


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