...nestled within a doughy sweet roll...

Good Afternoon blog readers (newbies....what's up?! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to enter my giveaway! You have one day left...). It's finally Thursday...so tomorrow is FRIDAY! :D (Just a little 1st grade lesson there). Anyways, we get Monday and Tuesday off this week, so it's going to be a great weekend. Soooooo, what has been going on food-wise these past couple of days?

Well, wouldn't you like to know...

A little of this... NEVER fails to put a smile on my face :D Jello Dark Chocolate Mousse. Let's be real here...this stuff has an odd texture.
It looks like styrofoam packaging material. The taste is similar to traditional chocolate Jello pudding, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The texture is a bit like foam-y, Jell-o pudding or something.
I ate the whole thing out of intrigue, but I'm not too sure about it...
PACKAGE!! I won a little somethin' somethin' from this little lady
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MMM MMM to plums! And a Sunshine Burger on an English Muff!
Darn...I love these burgers! :D
HORRRIBLE Picture of a Z-bar...my camera is starting to give-way...Heave HO!
Bar-b-Q Baked Lays! That's where it's at yo!
(Actually, I regretted not getting the SunChips that were staring me down...).
The most phenomenal thing I have put in my mouth this week...
Yoplait Cinnamon Roll THICK & CREAMY Yogurt
You can literally taste the gooey sweet icing and the irresistible layers of cinnamon sugar goodness. Better yet, it honestly tastes like it’s all nestled within a doughy sweet roll. I don’t know how they did it. It blows my mind. And they did it the “Thick & Creamy” way, nonetheless (it’s bordering on the thickness of pudding).
Another absolutely HORRID picture...which brings me to my next point...

I need a new camera and I want your help. What kind of camera do you have? I don't want a big, bulky one (Although, I know they are more professional...); but I need one that will make my food SHINE...and my friends...they could use some help in that department (that was a joke, by the way!). Anyways, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with makes and models!
I'm looking for a hero here... ;)
Last but not least...IT'S BACK! Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea...
oh, How I have missed thee.

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  1. That used to be one of my favorite yogurts--they nail the flavor.

  2. OMGG that flavor looks sooo good!!!! they havae 27 flavors or something crazy like that right?? I need to try this soon!!!

    i would helop you wiht the camera but I am on the hunt for a new one too! mine right now is great though just want one that zooms further its an olympus FE-240

  3. i thought utah was the only place with keva! crazy!

  4. The picture of the mousse looks good but your description makes it sounds very blah! The yogurt however sounds freaking amaze. What does that tea taste like?? I want to try some!

  5. Is jello like the UK jelly?

  6. wow that dark chocolate mousse looks so good! Was it just with the regular puddings and such?

  7. GRRR I looked for that tea and couldn't find it! Haha...where did you find it?
    Mmm, your eats lately look great! I really LOVE z-bars!
    <3 jess

  8. i need to get my hands on that sugar cookie sleigh ride tea asap!! its my favorite :)
    That jello mousse does look..interesting. Love the yogurt though :)

  9. I have never seen that jello or yogurt flavor. I guess thats what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere. Looks good though. I have a z bar in my purse so maybe I will get to eat it today.

  10. ah the return of sugar cookie tea! I have been waiting all year for this!!

    I just tried the chocolate mousse last night -- I actually LOVED it! There's also a caramel flavor I spotted -- must purchase assizap.


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