Coffee...Yes, to start and finish!

I think it's about time for a post, don't you?! Plus, I need a homework break...LOTS of reviews ahead so scrolllllll....

These EnviroKidz Organic Chocolate Cripsy Rice Bars are DELISH!
The first pleasant aspect to tempt your tastes buds is the smell, which is very similar to Cocoa Krispies cereal. Moving onward, the bar has a nice and chewy texture to it while still retaining the delightful crispiness of the puffed rice, which is smaller in size than you might imagine, so more of it can be packed into each bar. Therefore, each mouthful begins with a boost of crunch and eventually melds together into a smooth, chewy, chocolate-y delight.
Overall, EnviroKidz has created a good sized, chocolate infused bar for only 110 calories! The newest addition to our family...why does she have to be so far away?! :(
Honey Graham Clif Z-Bar..
SMOOTHERED in MaraNatha PB...Melty, Warm, Soft Delciousness!
ZEVIA Orange! I really like Zevia..any other fans?!
Tis gone...'tis gone!
Remember these lovely desserts from a while back? I am delighted to have them in my possesion once again! :D
SOFT, Big, CHOCK FULL of chocolate chips, warm and toasty, 150 calories, 3g of fat...okay, now I want another one right now! haha!
Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal
I randomly got this sample in the mail and it was scrumptious! While I couldn't detect any pomegranate flavor, I didn't really miss it. It wasn't too sweet and it didn't taste artificial. Furthermore ,the whole grain flakes are just the right thickness,
remaining crunchy to the last spoonful! :D
***Toasty Peanut Butter Stix***
Healthy Choice Mediterranean Pasta
In one word: BLAH!
The beans, rice and pasta are somewhat dry straight from the microwave, but after a thorough mixing, the flavorless fontina cheese and subtly sweet apple glaze helps to correct that issue to some point. The sweet apple aroma and flavor compliments the al dente pasta and northern beans quite well, but it’s not all that potent. Furthermore, the cheese pretty much gets lost in the mix of things. There is a hefty amount of beans, which adds to the satiety of the meal, but they are quite dry; which is noticeable and knocks this meal down a kiss or two on the iateapie rating scale. I wish there was a few more chunks of apples, onions and tomatoes because when you get a bite containing these components, it enhances the flavor profile very much so. I think this dish needs to hop back into the test kitchens for a re-vamp!
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Now it's back to my Gilmore Girls Marathon (CLICK HERE) and loads of the work that is done at home... ;)
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  1. Love the pumpkin photo frame, enjoy your Gilmore Girls Marathon :)


  2. Total Zevia head here, too. I like the orange and the root beer the best

  3. have you tried the envirokidz peanut butter bars? now that is a winner!!! dare I say they rival rice krispie treats? Never thought I would speak those words!

  4. What a crazy colorful post! I have been meaning to try that pumpkin ice-cream but have heard such mixed reviews!!! I’m guessing you’re a supporter seeing that you are seein’ the bottom of the tub? Hehehee I LOVE Edy’s!!

  5. Yay gilmore girls.. rory should definitely get you into the studying mood. I've heard good things about the envirokidz bars. I have definitely eyed them in the store but failed to purchase but I will do that once I get home! The penny's muffins & cookies look so good, I am checking out the website right now!

  6. aww what a cute little girl! Is she your niece? My 4 month old niece is visiting right now for Thanksgiving weekend (its this weekend in Canada) and she is sooo cute :)

  7. What a cutie! And I love the pumpkin frame? Is she your niece? I have a new niece in Cali I haven't met yet :(

  8. holy yum! pb and a warmed up zbar delish!

  9. Aww the little baby in the pumpkin frame is adorable!

  10. Sorry that meal was MEH! I hate it when that happens :( Mmm, peanut butter stix look yummy. Pumpkin slow churn?! Swooonnn!
    <3 jess

  11. aww she is adorable!!! love the frame you put her in :)
    ahhh i need to find that pumpkin ice cream - everyone says its delicious!

  12. That honey graham bar is so good. I just had my first one the other day as my mid-shopping snack.

  13. what a post!!! so sorry you are at the end of the edys pumpkin ice cream...time to hit the grocery store for more!!

    never tried the envirokidz bars, great review I shall be getting my hands on some soon!

    thanks for the 10% discount girl! YOU ROCK!

  14. that little pumpkin frame is beyond adorable! i love it!

  15. I'm a HUGE fan of the Zevia orange. It reminds me of Crush, which I love.

    I have wanted to try those Crispy bars. I had no idea they were so low in calories!

    Thanks for the fantastic reviews.


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