This Nut has a Surprise

MMM! Just got done eating a little fall themed lunchie! Which, btw, is totally legit because it couldn't be windier or colder! :/ Ahh well, I get to wear my cute pea coat, so it's all good! Check it! :D
My Gum Stash...Odd?! I think not!

Progresso High Fiber Creamy Tomato Soup is Tomato/Spaghetti Sauce. I have had a variety of tomato soups before and none of them tasted like something that you would toss your ravioli in. I literally think that they mis-canned their products? This soup is a joke. Sorry Progresso! My camera apparently didn't like this soup either...
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Chocolate Chip Cookie! It's sorta like oatmeal on the go! Great breakfast! Want to buy some yourself? Use the code EWTEX and get 10% off (sampler excluded). You guys, these treats really are delicious, low fat, all natural and ....worth it! :D
Study Snackaroooskies!
Package Time! My mamacita sent me a little lovin' with some...
  • Educational reading material (SHAPE...educational...we'll go with it)
  • Apple chips (not too sure about these...)
  • Lunas
  • A homemade card (per usual)
  • Butterfly paper clips
  • Festive Paper Plates (as I mentioned alreaddday!)
  • An Ice Cream Cone full of Jelly Bellys (I gave these to my sweet roomie!)
  • A Few Calcium Chews that my mom found (New brand...with a copy of the nutritional info! She knows me too well!).

My last Fiber One Muff! :(
Amy's Lentil Soup- This stuff is so freaking good. Comforting, thick (it's got a split-pea soup consitency...with a little more broth!), full-flavored...If I ever have to attend a pot luck, I may or may not try to pass off a few cans of this fantabulous stuff as my own! ;)

I just hope that none of you knowledgeable bloggies are at the little soiree...

Clif Nectar...I forgot how good these are! I like them much better than Larabars because they have lots of chunks and textural variety; while tasting like a healthy cookie dough...hmm, a stretch? Nahh!
Food Photography...what a fun job that would be...only second to a Food Scientist! ;)
Goji Berries, Cashews, Dates, Lemon Conc, Vanilla....BAM! :DLuna White Chocolate Macadamia Bar: I tried and reviewed these before HERE, so when my mom sent me one unexpectedly, I was pumped! I forgot about these. And with the "new recipe", they taste like a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. WHICH...are my dad's favorite cookie, yet they are typically not all that healthy. Perhaps, I can get him to try one of these? Probably not...

Compare the picture below with the pictures in this post from many moons ago...Thanks for sticking with me through the hard times...haha! It's all uphill from here! :)

It tastes like a cross between a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and a rice crispy treat. Gimme another ASAP!
Where's Waldo? (I mean MACADAMIA nuts!)
Now listen up bloggie friends!
Tomorrow is Halloween (durrr, Emily) and I'm sure many of you are already pretty pumped to dress up like _______ and indulge in various festivities (including college FB!). WELL, I have something to make your halloween even more special...you'll have to come back tomorrow to enter...I mean, figure out what I've got up my sleeve! ;)
Enter HERE to win some GLO Bars!
Enter HERE to win a soda making machine...say what?


  1. what are you going as on halloween? i think i might just be a racing runner. lol.

    i did think of dressing up in a paper bag and saying HEY! WHO ORDERED CHINESE TAKEOUT?! (i'm asian.

  2. That nectar bar is one of my favorites ever

  3. YUM! foodie post or what!! delicious-ness

    i am a gum-aholic too. awesome stash

  4. Ooo you got me excited now, can't wait for tomorrow.
    Great package, you're so lucky.


  5. Awh your mom is such a sweetie pie! She definitely gets an A for the care package. Loving the Luna bar to!

  6. Haha, I love the idea of taking Amy's soup to a pot luck! Great idea ;)

  7. I really like that Extra Fruit Sensations gum! The watermelon flavor is my fave. the Amy's soup looks yummy, too!

  8. Hey girl thanks for the shout out!
    i just recently posted a gum stash of mine LOL
    Cliff nectar bars are reportedly being discontinued as of Jan 1st. If you love them, I advise stockpiling :)

  9. i have no plans yet for tomorrow :( booooo! guess i better get some! your mom's package is adorable- can she send me one too? haha can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve missy!

  10. never tried clif nectar!

    hahha give it(celery) a chance! it goes down easy when either smothered in mustard or crunchy pb!

  11. so jealous of your package!! & i'm addicted to gum as well :)


  12. oh I wish I had a cool Amy's mug to drink soup from! I suppose my scooby doo bowl shall have to suffice. Sorry about the progresso faaaaail... TGFA! (thank goodness for Amy's)

    have a very happy halloween pretty chica!

  13. Gotta love gum! Too bad I can't chew it at school :( Need to find that soup. Mmm, everything else looks so good too!
    <3 jess

  14. I have never seen the nectar bar before. Sounds good. So great that your mom sent you a fun package. Since I live overseas my mom does that to. I keep telling her I feel like I am at summer camp again.

  15. Eats look amazing as usual - I love Arnie's but I ALWAYS forget to buy them!


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