This just posted randomly before I could even say "hey", so I bet some of you enjoyed making up your own little stories for the strand of pictures that popped up.

It probably started by glancing at the title and thinking that I was going to talk about this brand new super vitamin that can change your whole life. Not even on the right track there, friends.

Then you would see this box and be prepped for one stellar review. Okay, so that wouldn't have been too far off.

Emily...Did you know that you are a sucker for advertisements? Yes, I am lured in by flashy phrases, but I do NOT take them at face value. Bad idea.
You only get 3/4 cup in a serving...Who decided that one? Yea, we are definitely on the same page here.
Vitamins and minerals. I knew this post had some vitamin action going on. Hey, I wonder if this stuff is any good? haha You caught me. Oh, and YES...it's some amazing stuff. It tastes remarkably like Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.
I wonder if she realizes that we already saw a picture of the box earlier?
Man, she sure does like cereal. Yea, I sure do. Got a problem???
YUM! I bet she put those two cereals in the same bowl. Who does she think she is?
Well, this is random. Ice Cream. Nutritious is Delicious. Hey, one out of two ain't bad.
She must really like these Blue ice cream treats. Yea, I REALLLY do!

Soooo....How'd I do? Could I fall back on mind reading, if this whole college thing doesn't work out?! ;)

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  1. i just saw that cereal at target on sale. i saw a fruit & yogurt one too. i almost bought it...but didn't.


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